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Brand Expression

Your Brand Identity isn’t just a logo. it is your story … as unique as your own thumbprint …
It is your reason … Why are you here?
This is the question we get to the bottom of.

Content Creation

In today’s world, content isn’t just king, it’s the Ruler of the Universe. We’ve logged more than 65,000 hours of content writing for our clients … and yes, as a matter of fact, they’re now rulers of their universes. (See how it works?)

Websites & Mobile

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing …” You might have a pretty website, but if it’s not the top consultant and/or closer in your organization, it’s time to get seriously strategic.

Integrated Marketing

At Armitage, Inc., our definition of “integrated marketing” is not just about using a variety of marketing disciplines to get your message across. It’s about listening to your customer, truly integrating them into your sales and service process, for greater affinity and devotion … on both sides.


Working On The Business in the Dog Days of Summer – Optimize!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed in your own world, but in MY world at Armitage, Inc., the Dog Days of Summer are upon us! My usually 120-150 emails per day from clients and Basecamp responses from my agency staff have plummeted to maybe 20 or 30 a day. Emails or voice mails I send out go unanswered for days (instead of hours). And Facebook and Instagram is popping with vacation, kids, summer concerts and more from same clients and staff. Ha! When the Dog Days of Summer are upon you, there’s no better time than now to begin working ON the business. When everyone else is off, consumed by summer activities, grab this precious moment (when no one else is paying attention!) to solidify and exemplify your business growth plans. Three simple activities I recommend that will absolutely catapult your business by September: 1. Where Are You on Your Yearly Goals? Remember that list you made at the first of the year with all those inspiring goals and action steps? Return to that list, highlight what’s been accomplished and review what remains. 2. What TWO Actions Will Exponentially Move You Forward? As you look at your remaining goals, what TWO goals – given immediate action steps – will result in the greatest gains for you and your company? Highlight them, move them forward to this week’s business journal and commit to taking action – ANY action – on both goals each day of this week. You don’t have to know all the steps – one step at a time, any step you know how to do, and the path will unfold....

20th Year Special: Not Sure What You Need?

Hire Diane Armitage as Your Short-Term Consultant at Roll-Back 20th Year Anniversary Pricing We get it. You know your business isn’t running at optimal levels, but you’re not really sure where to look. Is it your sales scripts? Is it your website? Is it your time-consuming social media that doesn’t seem to be growing anywhere? Who knows? It could be your table tents or the way the frontline answers incoming phone calls. You know something is wrong with the “car” but you’re not really sure what to look for under the hood. That’s why you have us – your Armitage mechanics. We do initial diagnostics just like the auto guys do. In two 1-hour consulting sessions, we can draw an amazingly accurate bead on what your highest priority needs are to correct your business to its optimal levels. Back in the day when Diane Armitage first started these 2-hour Consulting Sessions, she charged $250 for each hour, with a wealth of back-and-forth emails, additional investigation and a recommendations paper in the end. Today, the same 2-hour session is billed at $2,500. (Well, think about it. One implemented idea averages a minimal $15,000 win for each client, so the $1,500 could actually be considered nominal where ROI is concerned.) In celebration of our 20th Year Anniversary, though, we’re rolling back the consulting session price ($500 total) from now through the end of 2015. Simply sign up for the 2-hour Consulting Session, and you’ll be on the phone or Skype with Diane...

20th Year Special: A Tale of Brand Congruency

Establishing Brand Identity for our clients is somehow easier to explain than “Brand Congruency.” Brand identity is a process that involves much more than just creating a logo yet, still, it is a foundational exercise that seems easier to grasp. (See more on what we’re offering for our 20th year anniversary specials in Brand Identity.) As vital as it is to ongoing and consistent success, “Brand Congruency” seems to be a murkier science. Of course, we all want congruency in our messaging, but where exactly IS our messaging, and how many people are using it, sharing it or identifying themselves with it? Here’s how I’ve come to explain brand congruency: I have a good friend who’s one of the top production designers in Hollywood. Unknown to most people, the PD actually tells the Director how the movie is going to unfold – where it will be filmed, how the sets will look, how the clothing on the actors will look, what sort of art will be on the walls in every home and office shot … he fills in all the gaps between the script’s lines and the actual movie premier. He then hires brilliant people to create the congruency of the vision. Sometimes, Armitage, Inc. works with an established in-house “Production Designer” to observe, review and correct or make improvements to the established brand in play. That’s brand congruency. In some cases, that timing actually occurs at the very beginning of the project with an architect or interior designer so that the branded collateral and marketing plan is congruent from Step One. In many situations, though, we are the Production Designers. The...

20th Year Special: Branding Your Story

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a business five minutes or 50 years … how you tell your story is everything. Over our 20 years at Armitage, Inc., we’ve focused first and foremost on our client’s brand. A brand isn’t just about a logo. It’s not about a tagline or a catchy slogan. (In fact, your logo and taglines are the LAST items we devise in a branding exercise.) We’re all about branding your story. What makes you unique? What sets you apart? What do you assume people know that they might know … or, in many cases, they might be entirely clueless to? What are your products (and we’re not just talking stuff you send in a box or a padded envelope). What defines YOU? What is so unique about you that it defines your staying power for decades of success? In the Armitage Brand Identity Exercise, we help you define yourself in a 4-part process. In the end, branding your story creates clarity and consigned agreement in your ranks. Yes, it does create the Brand Identity Guide, Brand Identity Logos & Usage Guide, and Brand Style Guide. But, in the end, it parlays your story – concisely and passionately – to the world. This process energizes new startups with direction, and re-energizes longstanding conglomerates with a company-wide compass point that steers its way into every action moving forward. If you sense that your message has gotten stale, or that it’s just not finding a way to rise above the immense noise and competition, it’s time for this. Isn’t it time to start branding your story? Enjoy our Armitage 20th Year Anniversary celebration...

20th Year Special: Complete Website Review

Get fast help now on your Internet business marketing strategy Sign up today for a written website review or 1-hour over-the-phone (or Skype) consultation (and enjoy 20th Year Anniversary savings!) Start on the path to more efficient, leveraged online success today. As your website is the foundational element of your business’ success, this is where it all begins. If your website is not performing to your expectations, there are a number of key elements we can quickly research to remedy the situation. For 20 years now, Armitage, Inc. has been creating new solutions for clients all over the world, and 90 % of the time it starts with a website review. Take advantage of special 20th Year Anniversary pricing from the end of May 2015 through the end of the year when you sign up for this foundational offer. Pre-pay and schedule Diane Armitage as your internet marketing consultant for a complete 20-point written review of your website, or schedule a one-on-one conference to discuss your website’s possible issues and remedies. Each website consultation is followed with a bulleted report on discussion points as well. In just days, you can receive and implement suggested courses of action for immediate improvement to your website and, thus, your foundational marketing plan. List Price: $499 20 Year Anniversary Offer $200 BUY NOW Your written website review or consulting call with Diane Armitage will review: What did you set this web site up to do – and has that purpose since changed? Your theme and strategy for your web site – what, if anything, do you want to change? In your overall web site marketing strategy,...

Fix Your Lame Website!

We provide website marketing solutions for your fast visibility, immediate increases in prospect traffic, and people who buy, buy, buy … Armitage, Inc. helps companies and business owners around the world recognize and remedy vast, untapped potential and missed or overlooked opportunities in their website marketing strategy. You’re interested in … Telling your unique story in such a way that it rises above the chaos and chatter of the Internet, Creating a web site, website marketing plan and social media strategy that’s up and running in weeks (not years), Rapidly and consistently increasing your niche audience traffic to your site, Engaging your prospects with vibrant copy and ongoing, written content in marketing campaigns and blogs, Easily converting  prospects to rabid buyers who then yodel to the world about your product or service. … But you’re not exactly sure how to go about making this happen. Your web site and website marketing strategy might be achieving some level of success, but something tells you that you’ve only tapped the surface of what could (and should) be a much greater income stream to you. Armitage, Inc. helps you stop wasting time and money by implementing fast, vast improvements in every aspect of your web site, its search engine optimization (SEO On-site and SEO Off-Site), and your ongoing marketing/social media strategies. We offer powerful, renowned writing prowess and 16 years of massively successful Internet and “real world strategy. It all starts with your story. Isn’t it about time the world heard it? Contact Us...

How Does Your Site Compare?

If you suspect your online business is NOT operating at highest capacity in these three arenas, ask us to do a Advanced Website Review for: 1. Your Visibility and Consistent Incoming Traffic vs. Positioning of Your Peers 2. Your Ability to Capture Interested Prospects 3. Successfully Converting Prospects to Rabid Buyers.

  • Load Time 60%
  • Mobile Friendly 15%
  • Conversion 25%

Serious Website Marketing for Superior Internet Marketing Results

Tired of working with website marketing companies that promise results you never see?  Since 1998 at Armitage, Inc., we’ve created consistent success for clients with our renowned Internet marketing strategies and websites that out-perform the competition. We know how to expand your online traffic, push your website to rank on “Page One,” and implement numerous website marketing and social media solutions to substantially increase your profit margins.

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