Marketing Consultant

$70 million in successful client stories can’t be wrong.

Clients come to Armitage, Inc., to work with proven, successful Website Creators and Internet Marketing Consultants who have been in the trenches for many years – and are still in the trenches. Before the Internet even happened, we were brand and direct-response marketing experts. That’s why every website we build is foundationally smart and strategic, serving as the leveraged hub to any variety of marketing and social initiative.

Further, as global marketing consultants for nearly 25 years, we create cutting-edge solutions that entice your prospects, create loyal clients and rapidly increase the ranks of your rabid fans.

Dramatically shift your business direction and profit margins.

By working directly with Diane Armitage over a 90-day period, you will first be tackling a stem-to-stern look at your existing marketing business. Then, together, you will be mapping your 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month strategy moving forward, which includes:

  • Hidden profit centers not yet recognized in your own company
  • Optimizing of your primary website pages for more visibility and traffic (SEO)
  • Implementing offers, bonuses and incentives through sign-up forms
  • Email campaign setup (or clean up)
  • Stair-step campaign creation and implementation
  • Leveraging email databases that have been under-utilized
  • Growing your email database through a multi-prong effort
  • Creating social media solutions on your website (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)
  • Implementing social strategies and content that drive “fans” to do business with you
  • Joint venture opportunities and approaches
  • Offline marketing initiatives
  • Blogging options, tutoring and help in that set up
  • And much more as it applies to your own company and industry.

The 90 Day Marketing Consultant package isn’t just consulting.

Each month, you will be working with Diane Armitage in two Skype or phone sessions. While you will be creating solutions and implementing on your side, Diane will also be writing and implementing on her side to help you reach your goals. Diane will be literally working in your business, a few hours each week, for the full 90 days.

Graphic design and web programming charges are not included in the consulting package, but can be priced at Armitage’s lower “a la carte” pricing and implemented by the Armitage team if you so choose.

Get on the fast track to proven, greater business success.

The 90-Day Marketing Consultant Package is $999/month. Invest in your first month now, and Diane Armitage will contact you directly to set up a call in the next 72 hours to get started on your new business model. Click to purchase.