Topics for Armitage Inc.’s Free Marketing Tips

After 24 years in global client marketing, here’s  a sampling of marketing tips and  fixes the team at Armitage, Inc. shares: 

  •   What my Osprey teaches us about business
  •   Engage your prospects from the moment they land on your site
  •   Tiny upsells that leads to massive income
  •   Why search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely vital to your business
  •   The difference between SEO On-Site and SEO Off-Site work and how much it should cost
  •   Content, content, content – on web sites, content IS indeed king. Here’s why …
  •   A super secret website tip: The 3 best weeks of the year to sell anything
  •   The difference between a joint venture and a “host parasite” relationship
  •   The 72-hour BUY campaign: How to set it up, get joint ventures involved and what sort of copy you need to get written
  •   Yet another little-known but very crucial website tip: Where your prospects look first (and what you need to have in that corner of your web site)
  •   The greatest lesson Jay Abraham taught me (and why I stupidly keep forgetting it)
  •   Why search engines are the name of the game now. Are you playing it correctly?
  •   The A-to-Z of putting together a leveraged teleseminar or webinar (parts 1 and 2)
  •   The power of a D.R.I.P. email campaign
  •   Little known website advice : The secret of infinite marketing leverage in blogging and quick starter tips
  •   How to lay out the first 10 pieces of your email campaign (and write them, too!)
  •   Are you really doing what you love?
  •   Why Sister City approaches are an uncommon, under-utilized boom for business
  •   The infinite power of blogging (and why it’s so much more powerful than tweeting or fan paging)
  •   How to approach and contract with a joint venture
  •   Sales Prevention 101: What web sites do to turn people away
  •   A website tip you’ll never forget: The 2 biggest mistakes on web sites
  •   Secrets to choosing domain names that keep you ahead of your competition from the start
  •   When it’s time to build a Fan Page on Facebook
  •   What EXACTLY are you providing? (lessons on writing your Unique Selling Proposition)
  •   Clean up your content in 3 short, easy steps
  •   Web site advice you won’t hear anywhere else: Why ASK sites are so much more   powerful than single page sales sites
  •   What APPLE knows about leverage and how to make it work in your business
  •   Why social media isn’t nearly as important as THIS key strategy

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