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Some people just learn and comprehend better when they’re on the phone in a one-on-one situation, listening and discussing. That’s why Diane Armitage personally offers a 1-hour over-the-phone website consultation about improvements for your web site and overall Internet strategy. Pre-pay and schedule Diane Armitage as your internet marketing consultant for a one-on-one conference, or bring any number of staff people into the call to listen, too. Each web site consultation is followed with a bulleted report on discussion points and suggested courses of action for immediate improvement to your web site marketing plan. Start on the path to more efficient, leveraged online success today!

List Price: $249   Introductory offer $150

Your internet marketing consulting call with Diane Armitage will include:

  • What did you set this web site up to do – and has that purpose since changed?
  • Your theme and strategy for your web site – what, if anything, do you want to change?
  • In your overall web site marketing strategy, where are you feeling lackluster results?
  • A review of Google Analytics or other web site tracking software (if in place)
  • Quick review of your existing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and where improvements can be made immediately for much greater visibility on the ’net
  • In regards to your web site, discussion points on:
    • Web site front page look and immediate suggestions on navigation ease and 3-click processes
    • U.S.P. placement – does it correspond with the subject matter presented?
    • Usage of prominent third-party endorsements
    • Usage of audio and/or video on the site and how search engines and people are responding
    • E-mail capture methods and contact forms
    • Key word research done submittals to search engines
    • Ratio and quality of give-aways and for-sale items
    • Zip-off reviews
  • Lastly, steps you can take in “Web 2.0 social media marketing” to get your site immediate increased visibility.

List Price: $249 Unpublished offer for subscribers only – Just $79