Unlock Your Business Genius - Bob Proctor Special

$70 million in successful client stories can’t be wrong.

Clients come to Armitage, Inc., to work with proven, successful Website Innovators and Internet Marketing Strategists who have been in the trenches since BEFORE the Internet was a word released to the general public! We’ve been brand and direct-response marketing experts for 25 years, committed to creating custom, unique solutions for each and every client. 

Dynamic, innovative solutions for your business by focusing on the FOUR primary pillars of successful business:

      • More sales on the front end (increase your number of clients)
      • Higher average dollar per sale (increase your volume of sales)
      • Create new income streams with existing clients (increase repeat and referral business)
      • Improve your ongoing customer relationships (because all we really need is love)

It all  begins with getting a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.

Sometimes, when you’re so buried in day-to-day operations, it’s difficult to see a picture at all, let alone a clear one. That’s where Diane Armitage comes in. By working directly with Diane Armitage over a 90-day period, you will first be tackling a stem-to-stern look at your existing marketing business, and then building in systems to achieve the exponential success levels it deserves. This includes:

      • Brand identity – who are you, really?
      • Big picture strategies (that work for the smallest or newest of companies)
      • Hidden profit centers not yet recognized in your own company
      • Fast website fixes that transform lame websites to leveraged money making geniuses
      • Optimizing of your primary website pages for more visibility and traffic (SEO)
      • Implementing offers, bonuses and incentives to prospects and past clients
      • Email campaign setup (or clean up) for automated multiple messages to your prospects and clients
      • Leveraging email databases that have been under-utilized (your golden database)
      • Creating social media solutions (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.)
      • Joint venture opportunities and approaches
      • Offline marketing initiatives in direct-mail, print advertising and books
      • And much more as it applies to your own company and industry.

Dramatically shift your business direction and profit margins.
It starts with a $599 investment for a full, initial consultation with Diane Armitage
(a $200 savings because you’re a Bob Proctor fan.)

The Armitage 90-Day “Unlock Your Business Genius” Package has to be a fit for both parties. So, start with a 1-hour consulting call with Diane Armitage that analyzes your current brand and four pillars of business as they stand now. (And yes, we can break the time into two segments if easier on your schedule.) You will come away with sure-fire ideas and zinger recommendations that you can immediately implement in your business. And, Diane can give you an immediate recommendation on first steps forward in a potential and powerful 90-Day Plan with Armitage, Inc.

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