We’re Hiring!

Bicrackey! Business is booming at Armitage, Inc.

Armitage, Inc. does not have a brick-and-mortar kind of office. And no, we don’t have employees, either. No coffee machines, water coolers or peers stealing your lunch from the company fridge either.

We do, however, hire dependable, efficient, highly talented independent contractors in North America. (But only the dependable, efficient, highly talented ones. We mean that. Well … and a sense of humor and a practiced zen mode of breathing helps, too. )

Here’s what we need right now:

    • Hiring Experienced Project Manager/Traffic Manager who acts as middle man between our lovely clients and our programmers and SEO experts for site build completion, website transfers to us, and ongoing, fast-response maintenance requests.  Must have some website, technology knowledge and know the lingo, be able to condense client requests to bulleted needs in our project management system, do follow-up with the programmers, and continue back-and-forth until the project is completed and approved.
    • Hiring MailChimp and InfusionSoft specialists. You know how to place template designs from our graphic designers, “fill in the blank,” create fill-in form codes, merge and purge, and send, send, send.
    • Hiring Word Press site and blog programmers. You need to be very experienced, even more talented and fast. Graciousness helps, too. We need a list of your web site accomplishments and client references.
    • Hiring SEO Off-Page professionals (SEO companies need not apply). We need a list of your current accomplishments and client references.

If you have what Armitage, Inc. is looking for, please Contact Us and we’ll get back to you with requests for samples, proof, whizbang and whatnot.

Note: For those of you who keep knockin’ at the door … sorry, but …

  • NOT Hiring SEO On-Page professionals We already have the best in the world for keyword research, collating best recommended findings in Excel documents and writing solid On-Page metas for our web site clients
  • NOT Hiring SEO Off-Page professionals. Again, we have the best in the world already here at Armitage, Inc., and they’re daily creating terrific, high visibility for our clientele.

. . . so please stop knocking. Thanks, kindly.