Since 1995, Armitage, Inc. has worked with clients in just about every industry imaginable.

Industries we work with include the world’s leading motivational speakers and authors to international builders, oil fields, auto mechanics, international real estate companies, citywide visitors’ bureaus, top-flight restaurants, renowned vintners and car manufacturers.

Through it all, we’ve studied, strategized and helped build empires. Undoubtedly, every client that comes to our table has an interesting tale to tell. Now in our 25th year in business, though, we’ve found we have a particularly keen interest in working in three primary industries – Restaurants, Resorts and Online Retail, particularly for our restaurant and resort clientele. (Note, we still have to leave a space open for the Occasional Rowdy – that entity or person that’s just so interesting, we can’t stop ourselves from saying “yes.”)

What can we say? Sometimes, that random individual or business comes along that even knocks us off our feet. So … admittedly, it doesn’t fit in our neatly aligned industry vertical pillars … but what marketing entity in its right mind can say “no” to that kind of passion and commitment? (Go ahead. Step off the ledge.)


Plush, lush and all about discovery, we know how to entice for long stretches of deserted beaches just as easily as we do for thriving destination cities and turn-of-the-century castle estates.


Our restaurant clients may span the globe and offer a cornucopia of taste treats, but they all have one thing in common: foodie fans just aching for a sublime, new discovery.


In the end, it’s really not about “The Sale.” In the end, it’s all about providing the solution that makes a significant difference in their lives. (You already possess that significant difference, you know.)