On-Page SEO

The Internet is one crowded, jostling place to be. Everyone wants to be on the first PAGE of Google and, preferably, in the first 3 or 4 spots at the TOP of the page. Sadly, however, there are only … well … three or four websites that will slide into those revered spaces out of millions of websites that consider themselves your competition.

There are many factors that contribute to how quickly your website rises to the top of Google, including how long you’ve owned the domain name (i.e. www.YourBiz.com), how long the domain has been attached to the site, how much consistent traffic you have coming to your site, and how often you change content (blogging is the best way around this key factor but more on that later).

Beyond this, it’s all about two things to create greater visibility for your web site: SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Without SEO, your site is simply out there in the wasteland of millions upon millions of “lost” web sites.  You can’t just launch a web site to the WorldWide Web any longer – you MUST have a search engine optimized site.

 You have to do SEO. Most people don’t realize that SEO comes in TWO PARTS.

 1. On-Site or On-Page SEO is the tip of the iceberg. It’s everything we do to lock, load and dial your web site in to the search engines as we launch the site, and as we continue to add pages of content and new images. Every piece of your site is coded to be “seen.”

On-Page SEO is a critical, foundational element to your company’s overall online success.

Unfortunately, many companies claiming to do SEO merely dabble in the science or “copy and paste” duplicated information to multiple clients sites.

On-Page SEO requires that SEO Consultants devote years to working exclusively with the search engines and closely following their many algorithmic changes. Then, these SEO Experts research and write original, word-by-word SEO On-Page content for each of your site’s primary pages.

To read more details on what’s involved in Armitage Inc.’s SEO On-Page work (and what any SEO Expert should be bidding on your request), see our blog entry, Part I of the SEO Winning Strategy: SEO On-Site.

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P.S. We can do an Armitage Comprehensive Website & Online Presence Review to determine what the search engines think of your website and its Internet placement (SEO). See details: Website Review