Off-Page SEO

Finding and Delivering Your Niche Audience 

Search Engine Optimization interacts with your web site like this:

  • You have created a web site. This is your “island resort” in the middle of a very big sea of web sites.
  • You have done SEO “On Page” optimization. See SEO On Page explanation. This is tantamount to putting up the directional signs (“pool this way) and getting all your Jeeps shipped in and lined up for the Island safaris you’ll be conducting.
  • You then do SEO “Off Page” work – this is often referred to as “Search Engine Ranking,” too. The best SEO involves the act of writing and creating outreach campaigns, articles, and releases . . . along with some secret sauce that gets pretty technical . . . to create hundreds of links out THERE that lead BACK to you. (Picture hundreds of planes flying in to your “resort” loaded with people who only want to spend their money at your resort.) Basically, through several layered techniques, you’re slathering the WorldWideWeb with information about your product or service to direct a whole new world of buying clients to you. This is what we call Off-Page SEO.

SEO Off-Page is absolutely vital to your online marketing success. Here’s a quick overview:

  • WHAT SEO Off-Page really IS
  • What it should cost you
  • How to question SEO “experts” to get down to the brass tacks of what they know and can do for you.


WHAT SEO Off-Page really is:

SEO Off-Page offers powerful leverage by giving you higher visibility in search engine ranking. It is much more effective than Pay Per Click (“Sponsored advertising”), Ad Words, banner ads, Facebook ads, and 70 Tweets a day . . .all together. 

But in order to get the greatest leverage, recognize that not all Off-Page SEO is created equal. Most SEO companies or “SEO experts” will tell you it’s only about creating a number (hundreds, preferably) of “back links” to your site, meaning that you post articles and press releases in various sites, blogs, social media and directories all over the world wide web, and they link back to your site.

All well and good – and certainly an important practice – but linking strategy is just a portion of the Search Engine Ranking Strategy. We’ve seen too many web site owners spend WAY too much money to an SEO company on “linking” scams only to see no results or, worse, drop in the engines because of common violations that search engines openly punish.

When Armitage, Inc. offers its best SEO Off-Page Strategy to its clients, we’re offering what we call a “proprietary” blend of link types, site profiles, custom-written articles, existing content rewrite for congruence, deployment of unique Google tools for geographical and mapping boosts, and more advanced (and little known) actions to absolutely ENSURE your site’s maximum ranking and substantive traffic increases.

Remember, SEO Off-Page is not like SEO On-Page work. Unlike website On-Page optimization, SEO Off-Page can’t be done once for one flat fee. Off-Page optimization requires a 4-12 month contract to assure and ensure your site’s rate of travel to Google and other browser Page One ranking and visibility. You need at least 4-6 months to ensure your site gets top ranking and stays firmly cemented there once arriving.


What the best SEO Off-Page should cost you:

As an SEO company, Armitage, Inc. pricing for monthly SEO Off-Page is one of the lowest you’ll find among SEO companies, particularly given our proven (and very often amazing) results time and time again.

We charge between $800 and $2,000/month for your initial SEO Off-Page contract with pricing primarily depending on:

a.) How many pages you want to optimize in the Off-Site world,

b.) How old your domain name is (if it has age, our job is easier),

c.) How competitive your market/industry is, relative to the search terms (key words) we determine to use on those various pages of your site.

Note: We can do an Armitage Comprehensive Website & Online Presence Review to determine what the search engines think of your website and its Internet placement (SEO). This is normally an extensive 5-7 page report. See details on ordering a Website Review 


How to question SEO Experts before hiring:

When you’re entertaining an offer from an “SEO” expert or team, keep these pointers in mind:

On-Page SEO pricing should be a separate figure from Off-Site SEO. If your programming team doesn’t differentiate between the two, ask them to do so, and ask them to give you bullets on what will be accomplished in each endeavor.

Nothing about On-Page or Off-Page SEO is “automated.” Don’t let programmers or SEO “experts” tell you that they’ll be using “auto-generated SEO” for the primary pages of your site. In some instances, we allow for automated SEO in multiple product or shopping cart pages, but still tinker with that semi-customization before we allow it to begin its automated ranking. Primary pages of your website, however, require fully custom research and writing.

Always ask for proof of their work. Any SEO Expert should have Google Analytics and SEO Off-Page tools of their own to show you client success charts and graphs that can’t be messed or fiddled with. You should see a very pronounced shift/climb in their clients’ status under a number of pre-determined key word phrases, and this shift should at least BEGIN to happen in a matter of 3-8 weeks. (If there’s not much movement at 8 weeks, that’s a SIGN: move to another SEO “expert!”

Once you see this “proof,” try the search terms out yourself (type them into Google search) and see if you find the same results they’re giving you.

Your investment in SEO Off-Page is Long-Lasting, Never-Ending Leverage, Leverage, Leverage


Now, getting back to the monthly cost of SEO Off-Page monthly work . . . to some of you, $1,500 – $5,000 a month might seem rich for your blood.

Remember, though – back in the day BEFORE we HAD the Internet – you had equal or greater “real world” expenses on postcard creation and mailing, radio ads, newspaper ads, and 4-color magazine ads that had to be proofed about 17 times before you’d be able to go to print. THAT was nightmare monthly marketing money, and it was usually a one-hit, hope-they-read-before-they-throw-this-away affair.

In comparison, SEO Off-Page carries you above MILLIONS of other sites and competitor sites – millions – and in a very short time frame.


It GUARANTEES your faster visibility to a world of people – your own niche audience  – who never would have heard of you otherwise. Best of all, it KEEPS you in higher ranking of the organics (the left side of a search results page where the REAL players play).

What is SEO On-Page?

P.S. We can do an Armitage Comprehensive Website & Online Presence Review to determine what the search engines think of your website and its Internet placement (SEO). This is normally an extensive 5-7 page report. See details on ordering a Website Review