Whether Armitage, Inc. took on Internet business marketing strategy, the redesign of a web site, the content-writing for web sites and link strategies, the marketing writing for sales letters, “push” campaigns, or the  research and writing for search engine optimization … these client reviews have something to say about Armitage, Inc…

“Diane Armitage has an uncanny ability to see where you want to be.”

Diane Armitage is both extremely creative and a gifted intellect. She has a very rare and powerful gift that I’ve not found duplicated anywhere else. Aside from the fact that she’s a magnificent writer and author, she had an uncanny ability to see where you want to be . .. . even if you’re feeling a bit murky about what that looks like for yourself! Diane can strategize, summarize and break it all down into workable pieces. Simply give her your initial concept or idea, then sit back and listen. It’s a rare and wonderful experience to work with her just to see what her mind will come up with next. Bob Proctor, Global Speaker, Personal Coach and Best-Selling Author of You Were Born Rich


“I have a secret weapon. Her name is Diane Armitage.”

“I have a secret weapon. Her name is Diane Armitage. She’s worked with me for eight years now, and is one of the most consistent profit-producing, money-making machines I’ve ever known. She’s an extraordinary marketing writer – one of the best in the world – and her Internet marketing strategies and release campaigns are always hugely successful. No matter where your business is, or how you want to grow it in the year ahead, Diane Armitage and her team at Armitage, Inc. will get you there faster and more brilliantly than even you can imagine.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series

“Your Armitage Web Site Review was very impressive.”

Wow! I read your analysis and suggestions for the ANRF web site – thorough, specific and with good suggestions for improvement and examples of what those changes would do. I am impressed! I very much appreciated the summary of main points and suggestions for implementation that you included at the end of the doc. Thank you so much. You are just what the ANRF needs! Gale Granger, Ph.D. Scientific Advisory Board Member, Arthritis National Research Foundation

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