Social Media

Ultimately, people do not buy from companies, they buy from people they like and trust. Long before the Internet was in play, it was the “trusted advisor” who helped people improve their lives, from buying homes to trying newfangled TV dinners.

Initially, when Facebook and Twitter first made the scene, businesses had a difficult time understanding the correlation between this growing social phenomenon and their own business strategy. As it turns out, though, social media is more than just a hip new trend – it provides the direct communication and sounding board with your customer and prospect that ultimately builds trust and desire.


Why Social Media for Business? Transparency and Authenticity

Social media provides the ability to interact person to person. It’s not just regular blogging and posting – it’s establishing relationships with – and communicating feedback to – those who make the effort to comment or message on your many social media channels. It’s why it’s so important to hire the right marketing team to help you with your Social Media For Business efforts. We know you’re able to see “hired help” in social media as well as we are … and you can bet your consumer sees it, too. We go beyond mere posting to participating in the latest social technologies and developing the relationships that lead to your company’s growth and success.

Social Media for Business …

  • Setting up/designing social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, ReddIt, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Mobile texting and personable AI auto-response systems
  • Banner ads, ad campaigns and joint venturing
  • Blogging regularly and directly disseminating to all social media channels
  • Creating social media calendars that coincide with blog calendars and overall Media Calendar

Our social media contracts begin as low as $700 per month. Contact Us to discuss your business strategy in the cutting-edge world of social media.