About Us

What you do improves, enhances, and adds color to your audience’s life. What you provide, then, has nothing to do with engaging in a pushy sales process. It is, instead, more of a creation of a partnership between you and your audience.

On our side, Armitage Inc. brings 25 years of marketing strategy and astute insights to the table to help you create this partnership with your client. This is what we call “integrated marketing.”

You Are a Singularly Unique Entity.You Deserve a Singularly Unique Solution.

We assess your industry landscape, identify your brand’s reason for being, define what motivates your perfect customer, and unleash a stacked, multi-pronged strategy that interests, engages, persuades and keeps your audience close … in the end, the perfect partnership you seek.

For 25 years, Armitage, Inc. has helped hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to global entities.

In 1994 …

Initially, Armitage, Inc., began in the “real world” with “guerilla marketing” initiatives, that included all levels of media buys and campaigns, print and direct mail campaigns, full-service PR and more.

In 1998…

Armitage, Inc. was one of the first agencies to move into the Internet space, and have since created more than 400 strategic, marketing-driven websites. Once that foundational piece is in place, we work with many clients on a long-term basis to achieve their desired business expansion goals. Our services include:

  • Consulting on Overall Brand Strategy and Direction
  • Brand Identity & Brand Strategy
  • Professional, Polished Content Creation
  • Blog Creation & Writing
  • E-mail Marketing & Database List Growth
  • Strategic E-Commerce
  • Membership Platforms, On and Off-Line
  • SEO Off-Page Initiatives
  • PayPerClick/Sponsored Advertising
  • Print Media & Internet-Based Ad Creation & Placement
  • Joint Venture Marketing Initiatives (“Host Parasite” and “Sister City” Initiatives)
  • Event Creation & Campaigns (50,000-person stadiums to 50-person seminars)
  • Internet-Based Event Creation & Campaigns (webinars, “tweet-ups” and cross marketing to real-world, real-time events)
  • Digital Media Creation (scripts, production and editing of video) & Distribution to YouTube
  • Content Creation, Campaigns and Leveraged Strategic Daily Postings in Multiple Social Media Platforms
  • Press Releases, International P.R. Distribution & Pitches

The Armitage, Inc. Difference: Strategy & Leverage

We rely upon these four questions as we build out each client plan:

  1. Does each endeavor roll up to the larger, overall GOAL outlined for the company’s growth?
  2. How can we best MAXIMIZE the launch of new products and ACCELERATE the growth of existing products?
  3. What can we create and who and what can we connect with to create greater LEVERAGE for the company?
  4. Are we creating an EXPERIENCE for the prospect? In today’s Internet world, it’s more important than ever to not just connect logically but emotionally with the target audience.

By blending strategy, leverage and innovation, Armitage Inc.’s integrated services drive transformation for your company. We look forward to getting started.