PR and Events

Consistent communication with your world is key to accelerating growth.

While we’re big fans of crafting social media and e-mail campaigns to prospects and existing clientele, we think your story needs to be seen and heard in sweeping forms of media, too.

At Armitage, Inc., our PR and Events Division has been building personal media relationships for decades. We’re constantly feeding new information and pitching larger story ideas to local, regional and national press. And, given that we started on the media side in newspaper/magazine writing and editing (we’re talking back in the ages when that’s all we had to communicate), we have an “insider’s knack” for knowing what sells.

At the same time, because we’re a full-service agency, we don’t just stop with PR. What we do for you in our PR and Events Division feeds and collects from the hub of marketing services we create for you … that’s what we call real leverage.

Look to Armitage, Inc. for ongoing PR as well as the creation and on-site direction of media events, pre-seminar parties, restaurant openings for V.I.P.s and more. Contact Us to learn more about our reasonable monthly rates that have you rising above the din.