Writing Content

The rumor is true. Content is king.

At Armitage, Inc., we write and employ cohesive content across multiple prongs of marketing to stabilize and grow your success.For us, writing content is easy. Connecting all the content in one, cohesive monster strategy for your company … even easier.

Writing Content: Every Need Handled:

        • Creating/designing websites and working directly with programmers so that you don’t have that pain (ergh)
        • Writing content for websites
        • Creating/designing smart blogs
        • Writing all blogs
        • Creating scripts and completed digital media (videos) for various on-site, on-blog, physical locations and online social media resources
        • Creating print advertising for all aspects of media as well as online advertising pieces
        • Writing PR releases and disseminating through international online PR channels
        • Creating overall Media Calendars that include blog, PR, e-mail campaign and social media creation and postings

Each year, we devote more than 5,200 hours to writing content for our clients because we know it is the absolute foundation to our clients’ success.