Branding and Positioning

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a business five minutes or 50 years … how you accomplish the branding and positioning of your story is everything.

Over our 20 years at Armitage, Inc., we’ve focused first and foremost on our client’s brand. A brand isn’t just about a logo. It’s not about a tagline or a catchy slogan.

Armitage brands your story.

What makes you unique? What sets you apart? What do you assume people know that they might know … or, in many cases, they might be entirely clueless to? And, how do we position your brand for the next year, 5 years … legacy?

In the Armitage Branding and Positioning Exercise, we help you define your entity in a 4-part process. In the end, Branding and Positioning creates clarity and consigned agreement in your ranks. It parlays your story – concisely and passionately – to the world.

Consulting Practice/Brand Identity

  • Implementing sales & marketing strategy for leveraged efficiency and faster profitability. We explore market opportunity, consumer segmentation, branding and positioning and marketing best practices. This is the foundation where it all begins.

Branding and Positioning: Creation & Implementation

Clarification of your brand through:

  • Core products & services
  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Target customer criteria
  • Value proposition
  • Brand personality (humanization of the brand)
  • Competition/peer comparison
  • Positioning
  • Distribution channels

This includes completion of logo packaging (which, in turn, includes logo identity, tag lines, USPs, logo art for various forms of media, business card and letterhead). Contact Us to begin our discussion.