Bob Proctor Fans

Sometimes, when you’re completely clueless, the Universe makes a decision for you.

After 25 years of knowing and working with Bob Proctor, I still don’t have the answer for people when they ask, “How in the world did you get to start working with him?”

That’s right. HIM.
The Man. My own Dalai Lama, Yoda and BFF all rolled into one.

It certainly wasn’t consciously purposeful on my part. When I first met him, I didn’t even know who Bob Proctor was. And even after our first conversation … and even after making the enormous shift in my career that he suggested in that first conversation … I never expected to see or talk with him again.

But the Universe … along with God, angels, Archangels, and that thing that makes gravity happen … that whole crowd had quite another expectation and plan for me.

And, as it turns out, that same rambunctious crowd (Universe, God, et al) isn’t much for just sitting around with expectant looks. They relish pulling off those “serendipitous” surprises, too. And most definitely, the subsequent 25 years of knowing Bob Proctor has been one serendipitous surprise after another.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous
– Albert Einstein

Cool stuff for Bob Proctor fans

The fact that you found this page is “serendipity” of its own, of course. It’s here that I like to announce special programs, unpublished discounts and such that apply to Bob Proctor fans. He’s been such an impactful presence for my business and personal growth that you certainly deserve the same.

Unlock Your Business Genius

A 1-2 hour consulting call with Diane Armitage that analyzes your current brand and four (never-changing, always-required) pillars of business as they stand now. You will come away with sure-fire ideas and zinger recommendations that you can immediately implement in your business.
Bob Proctor special: $399

"Conversations With Bob" book

Packed with uncanny advice, funny (rather dry) responses to my odd questions, and action steps that Bob Proctor insisted I do to change up my life, this book marks an unusual mentoring relationship through the years that can help you in very aspect of your life, too.
Pre-order now for for free shipping: $18.99

Lead the Field Program, updated version

Unquestionably the most powerful program I’ve experienced in 30 years, this program was first developed in the 1960s by Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor’s mentor. Bob was so wowed by the program, he began teaching it all over the world. It became the largest selling self-development program of all time.
Then, just a few years ago, Bob re-recorded the entire program AND added hours and hours of new information from his side after 50 years of his own growth. It’s fantastic! I’ve studied this REVISED program almost daily for 18 years … there’s simply nothing more concise nor comprehensive on the planet. (And, when you invest in the 3-month program, you can join an additional online coaching program that supports you on a daily basis.)
Click to see the full video (promise me you’ll watch it to the end, please. It’s significant.) and all of Lead the Field’s program’s details!