Creating Websites

At Armitage, Inc. we’re creating websites and mobile sites daily. With more than 700 strategic websites constructed and deployed in our client portfolio, we’re creating websites for global entities and start-ups all over the world.

Once your Brand Identity is established, your website is the most important aspect to your marketing success. It is your most powerful, 24/7 sales force and your foundational hub to all marketing that ensues. Your website’s development requires smart marketing know-how for your long-term strategy and should include:

  • Branding decisions
  • Marketing strategy decisions
  • Complete management of the site build
  • Taxonomy and If/Then decisions of site determined
  • Content creation
  • Blog creation
  • Complete site design
  • Marketing intake strategies and implementation
  • Completion of website, stem to stern
  • Testing across all browsers
  • Creation and testing of secondary mobile-ready site, suitable to all platforms

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