I know, I know – you think because of the size of our operation, we probably have some kind of CAD/CAM web site design and implementation process in place that equals something like Tony Stark’s suspended graphics in his Iron Man workshop.

Actually, Armitage, Inc. DOES have a great system in place to project manage our website design and builds for clients, particularly as we handle every aspect of the site builds including all the brand identity work (wrote about this last week), content writing and graphic/photo collections. (We discovered a long time ago that our client are too busy and sometimes a bit intimidated by the website build process, so why force them to cough up the design, all the written content and graphics that so many programming teams insist upon?)

BUT … despite all those more sophisticated steps of project management, the Armitage Website Look & Feel Document is accompanied by none other than my own hand-drawn sketch on a big sheet of paper with colored markers.

WebAuctioneers.net look and feel

Yep! I’m convinced that some day, these Armitage original works of art will sell for gazillions at Christie’s Auction House, but for the time being they act as the initial “vision” that I share with my programming design team.

Once we have the client’s Brand Identity determined and have created the Brand Style Guide (refer to last week’s blog on this process for my WebAuctioneer client), I go to work on the initial Look & Feel sketch. Upon completion of yet another masterpiece, I create a written, head-to-toe document that explains in writing everything I want the home page to be, and everything I want the inside pages to be.

Here’s another example of a completed website (and very important strategies to keep in mind for your own site):

Our Las Vegas restaurant client I just wrote about here … this was my initial L&F sketch of one of their new restaurant websites:

website design by Armitage, Inc.


Now, see the completed website here! Andrelv.com  (a much nicer rendition, don’t you think?)

Note how much emphasis we’re placing on Andre’s most Unique Selling Propositions (all determined during their Brand Identity process):

1. Their amazing cuisine and constant innovation is demonstrated in the large photo slider with accompanying blog stories.

2. Their Group and Private Dining options are premier level and flexible to different numbers of guests.

3. Their Wine and Cognac collections are some of the most extensive in the world.

4. And, while we have Weddings featured now for the “prime months,” this feature will interchange with the Andre’s Cigar Lounge feature the client houses on the second floor of the Andre’s restaurant.

Notice, we’re not crowding everything about this client on the home page. It’s important that we begin with a large funnel on a few, vital and primary services and benefits the client offers and from THERE, once the prospect clicks, we provide a greater amount of information.

In today’s world, it’s all about ease of user experience. Our only aim is to create clean, easy-to-navigate sites that encourage prospects to take the plunge. We love doing the work, and we love seeing our results go “live!”


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