These last couple of weeks, I’ve run into a growing number of clients and prospects with long faces and permanent worry creases around their eyebrows. NOT the sort of attitude that’s going to bring new business in the door, that’s for sure.

Remember these simple points:

1. When you’re involved in online business marketing on the World Wide Web, you’re connected to boundless, limitless, endless opportunity. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your town, your region or even your country. When you have a foundationally solid web site that captures prospects, and when you’re even minimally optimized for the search engines, you’re way ahead of the curve.

2. The more you “nichefy,” the better your chances at magnetizing that very niche of people – anywhere in the world – to your site.

3. Focus on what your unique specialty provides in terms of results in your prospects lives. Before you shut down your computer tonight, take a good look at the sales copy you have posted there on the home page of your web site.

Are you trying to get the whole world in your hands? If so, you’re going too big. Leave “the whole world in his hands” scenario to God (as the old Sunday School song goes), and bring your copy in to focus on your primary niche.

This niche might be a moving target – as an example, a Realtor client of mine focuses on a small section of town but right now, in that small section, he’s focused on foreclosure sales. He could easily sell foreclosures anywhere in town, but he’s focused on those types of sales just in the small section of town he’s “niched” in. Buyers who have an interest in THIS area are now even more interested because they see more opportunity to get in. His sales are already significantly higher than any other Realtor working that same small section of town.

Then, look at your sales copy for the next big pointer I’ve mentioned – are you talking to THEIR needs? What is it about your product or service that is unique? I mean, you set the company up because you figured you had something better, faster, more efficient or more life changing, right? Are you telling your prospect why you’re different . . . why you’re the only option they really need to consider?

What sets you apart? You have a gazillion people out there in the Internet space looking just for you. You, however, only have about 8 seconds to pull those prospects in and get them involved in your site.

The copy on your home page has to drill it down for them – neatly, succinctly, and with plenty of “hot buttons” that talk directly to them about their need and your solution. You’ve worked this hard to get them here – don’t let them slip away! Your home page copy is absolutely paramount to your ongoing business.

If you need help with this, I can give you tips and pointers or even rewrite it for you. Just contact me direct at