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“One of the best teleseminars I remember.”

That was a truly memorable seminar you gave, and the price you offered on your home study product was a steal. It’s really worth a lot more, and I trust you’ll rase your price to reflect your true worth.

Ken Biggs, teleseminar participant


“I recommend Armitage, Inc. to ANYONE creating an Internet-related business.”

I would (and have) recommended Armitage, Inc. to anyone who is creating a website or Internet-related business. Through their website consulting, Diane and her team saved me money, time and tears by helping me recognize that I was spending money for a site with limited functionality. I am now in the process of completely re-doing my site in a way that is so much more versatile and search engine friendly. What has been most helpful to me is that Diane is AMAZINGLY creative at converting simple-but-boring text into energizing and compelling descriptions that attract interest.

Maura Halligan, Owner, AdvantEdge Sales and Management Training


“Armitage Inc. is fantastic!!!”

The web site really is terrific – we’re already seeing a tripling in traffic in the first week. I want to thank you for your dedicated time, effort, creativity and humor with working on this project.

Stan Connor, CEO, ExpensAble.com


“Diane Armitage’s professionalism is only exceeded by her unique strategies and real-world solutions.”

Over the last several years in the building and growth of three of my companies, Armitage Inc’s professionalism is only exceeded by its unique strategies and real-world solutions that always do a fast-acting fix. I return to Diane Armitage and her team again and again because I am always surprised with what they come up with … and I’m never disappointed. She has the ability to see the big picture more clearly than most of us heading up our own companies.

Diana Anderson, CEO, DES International

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