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“The results Armitage, Inc. generates are nothing short of phenomenal.”

I deal with some very bright, successful and driven people in my business – and Diane Armitage tops them all. The results she and her team generate for her clients, and the joint-partnered programs she creates in their behalf, are nothing short of phenomenal. It’s a job spectacularly done.

Robert Crevier, World Media Productions


“Diane Armitage implemented money-savings changes in less than two weeks.”

Having worked with IBM as a solutions consultant worldwide, I thought I’d seen and heard all the great angles and strategies out there.

For my most recent client, Diane Armitage laid out a 10-year vision that projected sound financial revenue; then began creating and implementing effective, money-saving changes in less than two weeks. There’s no doubt in my mind that Diane Armitage thinks and creates on a plane that few individuals in this world can match.

John Simone, Senior IT Consultant – IBM


“The buzz Armitage, Inc. created made me the local market expert.”

Diane Armitage is truly an exciting person to be around, even over the phone in her marketing consulting sessions. When work seems to be uphill and taxing, Diane’s contagious spirit makes it a fun adventure. Her ideas have helped me create a buzz in my market – a buzz that signals everyone to go to the local market expert. This buzz has helped me to have a blast in a market that others would call ‘a dying market.’ Thanks for your help, your ideas, and your personal touch Diane! I’m grateful for you and your amazing talent.

Dave Robison, Real Estate Top Producer, Utahdave.com


“Other business mentors come nowhere close to Diane Armitage.”

Thank you for helping me work through my business and marketing strategy ideas; you are an absolute miracle in my life! I have been struggling for so long and finally with your marketing consulting expertise and wondrous thinking, things are starting to fall into place for me. I am so excited every day now that I have met you and have had the great opportunity to work with you! You are the first person in a very long time that actually keeps me thinking and on my toes. It is so much fun because you have an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise.

For once I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. I’ve been involved in some very well known (and expensive) coaching programs for wealth and business mentorship these last two years – I ended up with very little for my efforts. Working with you, I’m learning everything I need to easily propel my business into much greater service and reward. You’ve challenged me to “think out of the box ,” which is where my business success has always lived.

Heather Juma, speaker and coach
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