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“I’ve never seen a marketing campaign deliver such fantastic results.”

I can honestly say that, in the eight years I’ve been involved in franchising, I’ve never seen any franchise mail-out program or marketing campaign deliver such fantastic results. I know, for a fact, that we’ll sell more than five times’ the number of franchises we normally sell because of Diane Armitage’s marketing expertise and her top-of-the-world marketing writing abilities. Our entire industry would do well to work with her company. She, no question, delivers.

Peter Luft, OneCoach, former RE/MAX Franchise Director

“The work – and results – is outstanding.”

I have had the pleasure of working on various copywriting and sales letter projects with Diane for LifeSuccess and her work – and result! – is outstanding. It is great to find someone who can see your vision and put it down on paper. Her attention to detail in her copy and the detail she gives in her reviews of web sites and what attention they require is phenomenal. You would not go wrong bringing Diane on to your team of expert service providers.

Siobhan Shaw, author and presenter

“What a delightful surprise you were today in our consulting call!

Your talent, skill and expertise always shine through … what I did not expect was your kindness, genuine concern and gentle caring, backed by your incredibly strong business sense and genius ingenuity. What a pleasure it was to finally talk with you. I’ve no doubt I’ve finally found the business mentor who’s really going to help me get there.

Rita Long, author, speaker and coach

“For 14 years, Diane Armitage has always produced outstanding results.”

“I have known Diane for 14 years. I’ve worked with her on joint projects and have also hired Diane as a writer. Her work is always right on target, exciting and well written. She has a dynamic personality and it comes thru in her writing. She works hard to understand the client and their marketing needs and she will always be my first choice as a top direct-response marketing writer.”

Patti Knoles , Owner , Bakyta Design

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