Webinar: Traffic & Conversion Through Your Blog

Blogs are THE highest form of leverage you can create in the social media realm. They have more power than …

  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  •   LinkedIn
  •   YouTube
  •   Pinterest
  •   Article Directories

… But blogs are only powerful when you know how to fully UTILIZE their power.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST, Diane Armitage, the founder of Armitage, Inc., will be sharing the insider secrets and Internet Marketing How-Tos to begin a blog, design a blog, create an easy project plan for the blog, and begin writing your blog intelligently. You will learn:

  •   The must-haves on your blog layout,
  •   Doing vital research in keywords FIRST before you start your content,
  •   Custom-optimizing your blog for search engines,
  •   Tagging your blog entries for immediate push to social media platforms,
  •   Getting the best plug-in modules for your blog
  •   Writing content that’s not only interesting but magnetizing,
  •   Changing slugs and permalinks to your visibility advantage,
  •   And creating a simple spreadsheet that saves HOURS of time in your subsequent social     media ties-ins of your blog content.

Get in on the extreme traffic-creating, client-creating machine of blogging with this easy-to-follow, eye-opening 1-hour session on Tuesday, Nov. 12th. The Blog Smart! webinar is just $97.

Register for BlogSmart 101, $97: