At Armitage, Inc., our marketing agency services combine unique strategy, experience and technology with world renowned content creation to drive innovation and transformation in your organization.

$70 Million in Successful Client Stories …

Although we have created success stories for clients in at least 30 industries and 16 countries, Armitage, Inc. particularly specializes in:

Below follows a quick overview of our marketing agency services. To get started in a free, 30-minute consultation with Founder Diane Armitage, Contact Us.

Consulting Practice/Brand Identity

Sales & marketing strategy for leveraged efficiency and faster profitability. We explore market opportunity, consumer segmentation, branding and positioning and marketing best practices. This is the foundation where it all begins. See Branding and Positioning for details on how we clarify your brand and message …

Every Content Need Handled

You heard it right the first time – content is king. Fortunately, Armitage, Inc. knows how to raise your company to kingly (that would be ruling) status. See every facet of Content Writing we do for you…

Print, E-Mail and Mobile Mail

Strategies in print and online media to consistently entice and engage. See our many facets of sophisticated Direct-Response Marketing

Website/Mobile Site Design & Implementation

In today’s fast-moving world, it’s important that you understand and leverage the greatest asset you have available to you – your website. If you have a lame website ( no leads, no love), have not developed a mobile-ready website, or need to update to today’s latest technologies, Armitage, Inc. creates your strategy, writes all your content, dials in your site’s SEO, connects to (and creates) your social media platforms and more. Don’t entrust your greatest sales agent – your website – to individuals who don’t understand how to harness its true power. See more Website details …

PR and Events

For decades, Armitage Inc’s PR & Events Division has been personally molding relationships with local, regional and national media contacts. We are constantly disseminating information and pitching larger story angles to increase your visibility. Further, we create and direct pre-opening events, media events, pre-seminar parties and more. Learn more about our extensive PR and Events capabilities …

Photography and Videography

In today’s world, your photography and online video should be spectacular in its immediate story telling. We don’t just take fantastic photos … we create legacies in a single image. See more on our Photo & Video strategy …

Social Media

We’ll set up your social media platforms and post to each of those powerful streams at least once daily. But, we go well beyond what most social media “managers” offer by participating in the latest social technologies and developing real relationships with your readers and followers for your company’s greater growth and success.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

SEO – Search engine optimization on-page for all primary website pages, all blog entries and video/digital media to vastly increase your visibility. See On-Page SEO details here …

SEM – Doing paid search engine marketing (also referred to as “Off-page”) for your site (6-12 months average to achieve Google page 1 status). This includes keyword research and management, ad message testing, and demographic advertising. Learn more about powerful SEM

Specifically for Authors

Authors, we have you covered, from layout and printing to all the foundational promotional and marketing pieces you need to become the best-selling entity you deserve to be. See our many Author strategies