Take Your Business from Launching Pad to Lift-Off in TWO WEEKS

A Quantum Interview with Diane Armitage takes your business from Launching Pad to Lift-Off

Step past questions, confusions, obstacles and road blocks in your Website Internet Marketing strategy with fast-working website tips and marketing mentoring help for immediate benefit and shift.

 In the Quantum Interview Process …

  1. As a longtime marketing consultant, Diane quickly works through exactly what your immediate and long-term goals are, and the end result you seek. Is your entity truly on purpose or have you veered off course somehow?
  2. She addresses your niche audience and how much progress you’ve made to get in front of that niche.
  3. She talks about your recent activities – the steps you’re taking, even if you’re not really sure what steps to take, or if the steps taken are as leveraged and efficient as they should be.
  4. Then, Diane Armitage offers new steps and actions from her 26 years of marketing and marketing consulting and 14 years as a renowned leader in the Website Internet Marketing space, specializing in custom website design, professional content writing and SEO expert strategy

 In the Quantum Interview Process, Diane Armitage customizes the discussion to YOU, on multiple subjects in and around your website Internet marketing actions, including: 

  • How to make quick changes to your web site design for massive traffic and prospect appeal
  • Generating fast-growing prospect databases by writing opt-in pages and offers that your prospects just can’t turn down
  • How to write website content, blog content and e-mails that build relationships and score business
  • How often you should be contacting your prospects and customers (yep, it’s a different schedule for each)
  • Understanding the basics (and extreme, vital leverage) of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what it should cost you monthly for SEO expert strategy (no more rip-offs!)
  • List-building strategies beyond your opt-in page (joint ventures, Sister City, Host Parasite, etc.)
  • What – exactly – to do to make an Internet marketing joint venture work seamlessly and lucratively for both of you
  • Tackling your product creation plans with money-saving efficiency
  • Setting up teleseminars or webinars (if this is the way you wish to go, of course)
  • Leveraging social media to actually bring prospects to you (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.)

The Quantum Interview includes 2 one-on-one calls, unlimited emails between you and Diane Armitage in that timeframe, and written, detailed action plans. The entire program is just $189 (so, you’re getting Diane’s consulting time – normally billed at $250/hour, for an unheard of $47 an hour).

You business deserves this investment.

Bottom line:

There’s a logical sequence to boosting your presence on the Internet. That’s what Diane Armitage is here to help you sketch out.

 You might be on track and on target, but aren’t sure what to do next. Or, you may be sitting over your little seed you planted a few months ago, wondering if you planted the right seed in the first place.  It doesn’t matter where you are – Diane Armitage can help you.


P.S. When you register for $189, you will also receive the original transcript that Bob Proctor and Diane Armitage wrote together on “The X Y Factor.” This transcript was part of Bob’s original audio series, “The Freedom Series,” and this script was one of their favorites.

The X Y Factor” addresses the issue of over-riding old paradigms with a new idea … and how valiantly the old paradigms will fight for continued dominance! It’s a great overview that helps you get a better sense of knowing when you’re on the right track, and recognizing and acting when the old paradigms try to interfere in your “new world view.”

Honestly, this is where the real difference is between Diane Armitage’s work and that of other “marketing consultants” occurs. Aside from the fact that she has been in the global marketing trenches for nearly three decades, Diane Armitage also understands the “other” side of building a sizable, ever-profitable business … the side that asks for some blasting of old paradigms and old routines to move into that new space of possibility and unshakable belief.