For Armitage Clients Only – A Free Blog Webinar

[singlepic id=2 w=320 h=240 float=right]Blogs are THE highest form of leverage you can create in the social media realm. They have more power than …

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Article Directories
  • And any/everything else you can possibly be doing in your social media world.

But blogs are only powerful when you know how to fully UTILIZE their power!

On Tuesday, February 28th, 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST, I’m doing a first-ever Blog Smart! Webinar on all the insider secrets and Internet Marketing How-Tos to start a blog, design a blog, and start writing your blog INTELLIGENTLY. You’re going to learn what very, very few blog writers know out there, from …

  • The must-haves on your blog layout,
  • Doing absolutely vital research in keywords FIRST before you start your content,
  • Custom-optimizing your blog for search engines,
  • Tagging your blog entries for immediate push to social media platforms,
  • Getting the best plug-in modules for your blog
  • Writing content that’s not only interesting but magnetizing,
  • Changing slugs and permalinks to your visibility advantage,
  • And creating a simple spreadsheet that saves HOURS of time in your subsequent social media ties-ins of your blog content.

Aren’t you ready to stop slogging around out there, wondering if your blog is doing anything in your behalf? Get in on the extreme traffic-creating, client-creating machine of blogging with this easy-to-follow, eye-opening 1-hour session. The Blog Smart! webinar is normally $97, but is a gift to all Armitage clients. You’re also welcome to bring in a guest of your choice (perhaps your content writer or marketing arm).

All we ask in return is that you complete this form, below, to help us update our V.I.P. Client Database and track incoming numbers for the webinar. Thank you in advance!

Then, on Tuesday, March 6th, 4 p.m. PST/7 p.m. EST, I’ll be teaching an Advanced Blogging Course that more readily ties in your social media platforms, article directories and the supreme magic of by teaching you what to pull from your blog content and how to post, link and tweet it to the world. This Blog EvenSmarter! webinar is also a gift to Armitage clients, and we’ll be sending you that information to check on your availability. 

Upon this form’s completion, we’ll be sending out a blast with the webinar log-in information and reminders of dates and times. Thank you again for your loyalty as an Armitage client, and I hope to be of great help to you as you move into the social media realm armed with real knowledge and power as a blogger.


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