Website Review


If you suspect your online business is NOT operating at highest capacity in these three arenas, ask us to do a Advanced Website Review for:

1. Your Visibility and Consistent Incoming Traffic vs. Positioning of Your Peers
2. Your Ability to Capture Interested Prospects
3. Successfully Converting Prospects to Rabid Buyers.

You know something on your web site or something in your Internet marketing strategy has to change, but you’re not sure what that change looks like. What if you dump more dollars into trying to create more traffic and buyers and it STILL doesn’t work?

Armitage, Inc. knows how to fix your web site. With our Armitage Advanced Website & Online Presence Review, we shed immediate light on issues and missing pieces in your Internet marketing strategy that are holding you back from greater success. We offer fast fixes and recommendations in each of our 7-point review pieces (see details below).

As soon as you move forward on this investment, we send an online form for completion for the website you wish to have reviewed. As soon as it is returned, our clock starts ticking – we return our completed review in two weeks’ time (or less). 

An advanced website report for $1,500, Armitage, Inc.’s experts personally review, report on minor and major issues, and make many recommendations.

Many web site teams will offer “website reviews,” but only toss out a cookie-cutter template report that requires they change 4 numbered areas and 3 words.  That’s not a website review – that’s travesty.

This is your business.

Isn’t it time a website marketing team treated your business the way it deserves to be treated? 

Wow! I read your analysis and suggestions for the ANRF web site – very thorough, specific and with great suggestions for improvement and examples of what those changes would do. I am impressed! I very much appreciated the summary of main points and suggestions for implementation that you included at the end of the doc. Thank you so much. You are just what the ANRF needs! Gale Granger, Ph.D. Scientific Advisory Board, Arthritis National Research Foundation

Note:  Should you move forward with Armitage, Inc. for the recommended changes, we credit 50% of your $1,500 Website Review investment to the website build, changes and/or SEO marketing work.

What an Armitage Advanced Website & Online Presence Review consists of:

General site statistics and your site’s existing global visibility. Where are you being seen and who’s seeing you?

SEO On-Site success – Behind-the-curtain manipulation on your site that’s primarily intended for the search engines, including:

Domain Name Strategy – are you using the most effective domain for your product or service?
Page Titles that attract your global niche audience
Page URLs that do the same
Metatags on primary pages of your site to help search engines rank you more thoroughly

SEO Off-Site Success – Clearly the most leveraged use of your marketing dollar today, just what ARE you doing out there in the big, wide world to get your site the visibility it deserves? Is your website strategy being properly conveyed to and through the search engines? We check inbound links, articles you’ve placed in the worldwide directories, page ranking, endorsement links and more.

Site look and feel, ease of navigation and 3-click strategy checks with recommendations for easy website improvements.

Site content review for direct-response style marketing. Are you telling your story? Are you using the tried-and-true enticement words? Are you asking for the order?

Primary Level Marketing (E-Mail Marketing ) Vital prospect capture devices in play, automated follow-up campaigns in place (DRIP” campaigns), and more.

Secondary Level Marketing (Social Media Presence) – how you do rank as a blogger, Facebooker, Tweeter and more? And, more importantly, how effectively are you steering that audience to your hub (the website) to make the conversion?

Note:  Should you move forward with Armitage, Inc. for the recommended changes, we credit 50% of your $1,500 Website Review investment to the website build, changes and/or SEO marketing work.