The 4 Keys to Website Success Strategy

Successful Online Marketing depends on FOUR equal parts being in play:


1.  Your Island Resort: This is your website, blueprinted from an idea and constructed with every bell and whistle to attract and maintain a growing number of fans.

2.  Your Island Resort Signage: When you think of your website as an island resort, you must have signage in place that directs your visitors to their individual interests. This is what Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. Website On-Page SEO Optimization adds key phrases in each of the primary pages of your site for better search ranking under those key words.

When you’ve done Website SEO On-Site properly, it’s the difference between a robot returning home with every detail on your 5-star, world-class resort, or simply shrugging and reporting that it thinks you might have beds in rooms and maybe two vending machines in a hall somewhere.

3.  Immediate & Ongoing Communication With A World of People Who Want To Know About Your Resort: This is Off-Page SEO Strategy or “Search Marketing.” 

SEO Off-Site work connects the primary information of your products and services to the audience looking for you. At the same time, Armitage, Inc. places your web site on the fast track to visibility by moving your website past your competition into high level ranking on the major directories (Google, Yahoo,etc.).

4. Capturing Prospects and Keep Them Coming Back For More. Armitage, Inc. helps you implement the most important Internet marketing and social media measures to capture opt-in prospects and continue feeding these people vital information about what you do.

Is YOUR island resort doing its job?

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