If your 2010 was anything like mine, it probably held a few surprises – and not all of them good. You might have seen a few doors close (or slam) and a few “birds in the hand” fly the coop.

But, that doesn’t mean the opportunities are going away . . . it REALLY means the opportunities are even greater than ever. It’s time to let that entrepreneurial light of yours shine.

What’s been cleaned out of your life was supposed to be cleaned out.

What you don’t really feel like doing anymore is probably what you really shouldn’t be doing any more.

And that idea in the back of your head that you keep thinking you’re supposed to put off until your “enjoyable” retirement days might be exactly what you should start doing NOW.

That being said, let’s look into what you can do to market yourself more effectively to a world of people out there. Now, more than ever, the Internet is your friend. If people aren’t buying in your town, I can guarantee there are people in OTHER towns looking for just what you provide. I’m more excited heading into 2011 than I’ve been for years. You should be, too.