Yesterday, I came up with a plan for one of my clients that takes just one service he provides from its current $18,000 gross a month to more than $121,500 gross in 60 days.

This wasn’t rocket science. He simply and offhandedly commented on this particular service, and I figured out how to bring more people in, and how to market to specific niche markets and create affiliate referrals to get that done.

Remember, there are just three ways to increase your ROI –

  1. Increase your price point
  2. Increase your client total
  3. Increase the percentage of past clients returning for more, which is true leverage.

In this case, his office could easily handle the inflow of additional clientele for this service. So, I worked out a three-pronged marketing plan that tackled the niches most interested in the service; established a hefty referral fee for participating niches who would agree to co-market his service; and established “maintenance days” at reduced rates after the initial service took place to ensure repeat clientele, good will and additional referrals. The space in his day was there, I shrugged – might as well fill it with profit. Thus, “Maintenance Days” were born.

In the process, I actually reduced the fee for the service to provide a more amenable front end to the incoming client. Seeing how easily he could generate an additional $100,000 in the bank every 60 days, my client wasn’t complaining.

Take a moment and think of just one service or product you have in your business that you’re just not paying enough attention to. Chances are, you can double, triple or take as high as the sky in exponential growth when you apply just a few key factors to its marketing.

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