This week in my free weekly tips and advice column … you can sign up for it on my Home page . . . . I offered initial tips on how to put a LEVERAGED teleseminar together. This entry started getting so darn long, that I decided to just keep the first part – “SETTING UP THE TELESEMINAR AND TAKING REGISTRATIONS” – in the weekly column, and send anyone interested HERE for the REST OF THE STORY!

So, if you’ve arrived here, you know there are at least 8 steps you MUST put in place first before you even consider marketing your upcoming teleseminar. Once those 8 steps are in place, here are a few more tips to get you the very highest return!



1. So you have your own list of emails. This might only be friends and family at this point but, regardless, you have a list. You need to write at least two emails for this list – from you – about why they want to be on this teleseminar. Remember the A-I-D-A copy writing method I’ve told you about before, and write the two emails PLUS a reminder email that you’ll send 72 hours or less to the same group.

2. Who in your peer group would be willing to send an endorsement for your teleseminar? Get them on the line and ask if they’d be willing to send TWO emails in your behalf – an announcement and a reminder 24 hours out.  If they agree (YAHOO), it’s YOUR job to write those emails that endorse you and your teleseminar. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to just hit the SEND button.

3. Set up a daily or every-other-day schedule to send short blurps about your teleseminar content in your Facebook, Linked In and Twitter accounts. If you write a blog (HOORAY FOR YOU), you know what to do here, too.

4. What are you selling on the back end of the teleseminar, and would there be interested entities in making commissions from your product or service sale? If so, welcome to the world of Joint Venturing! Make a short list of people to approach WELL IN ADVANCE of the teleseminar (I’m talking 8 weeks out), and iron out all the details of the contract and their sending of e-mails to their list to add more numbers to your teleseminar event.

Of course, you’ll need to do the writing of the endorsement letters for your JV people, too.

Again, there are more strategies I usually take with clients for these teleseminar events, but you’ve got some decent basics here.


THEN – Treat those teleseminar sign-ups like the GOLD that they are.

These people are giving up a piece of their life to listen to you, so make it worth their while … and make sure they don’t forget to be there or decide it’s really not that important! Some quick ideas to keep them close to you:

1. Send them a bonus gift (via email) a few days after they sign up. This can also be set in place as an auto responder before you begin the entire campaign.

2. About 72 hours out, send them a link to class notes they can pull down prior to the teleseminar. This PDF should be posted on your site (NEVER sent as an attachment) for easy, one-click access.

3. On the day of the event, send them a short reminder. Very short.

4. Be absolutely polished and professional on the call. I tell my clients to write out their entire script and review it many times. I also tell my clients the super secret 3 time “zones” to mention the Special Telesminar Offer (this is a science, remember!) to sell your specific product or service. And, as I work with my clients for a teleseminar, we also work together on the final wrap offer so that it flows smoothly and flawlessly.

5. As soon as the event is over, send a ready-made e-blast thanking them for their time and reviewing key points you noted in the teleseminar. Promise them the link to play back the audio soon. Remind them about the amazing offer you gave them on the call.

It doesn’t matter if they didn’t get on the call – they ALL need to receive this note from you. If they DID miss the call, they’re going to realize that they missed something special, and they’ll be more inclined to get into the audio play back.

6. The following day, send them the audio link and remind them of the time-sensitive offer you have on the table for ONLY teleseminar registrants. At this point, I usually insert a second bonus offer – but no time to discuss the “whys” and “wherefores” here. Just mull that possibility for your own audience, and I’ll address it in greater length in a future blog.


Hope this was of help to you out there, and best of luck in your upcoming teleseminar! For specialized consulting advice about your teleseminar, I’m happy to lend my 14 or so years of experience in this arena. Just sign up for my 1-hour, $79 consulting special here: Help Me With My Teleseminar!