I have a GREAT story for you today.

Normally, I reserve these occasional stories for my free weekly subscription to “Easy Tips and Cutting Edge Tactics” to Super Profitable Business” – you can sign up for it on my home page of Armitageinc.com –  BUT this was such a cool story, I didn’t want you to wait 75 days into that subscription to finally be able to read this . . . . so, loading it in my blog TODAY as I know you have something big you’re looking to accomplish NOW and this might very well be the nudge to get you there . . . .

Exactly two weeks ago, I was on the phone in a consulting call with two of my clients. They were in the middle of prepping their home for sale. At the first of the year, they had decided to move on one of the partner’s biggest dreams – a move to Florida – and, in order to make THAT happen, they knew they needed to get their home sold. So, here they were, rushing around to get it listed so that it would be “good and ready for the POSSIBLE Spring market.”

Now, if you listen to all the ruckus going on around us,  you know they might have had a few negatives in their heads . . . the home selling market is slow like molasses . . . . the house would likely have to sit on the market for several weeks . . .  hardly anyone can qualify for a loan anymore . . . they might never be able to sell in order to achieve the goal date for Florida . . . . intimidating, to say the least.


Di’s Real Estate Sale Experiment

So, I told them about an experiment I’d tried a few years ago on one of my own properties in Colorado. At the time, I knew I needed to get out of the property, but it was a deader than dead market in Denver. I had two renters in the property who were VERY unhappy about moving. And, here I was in California trying to sell the darned thing with a Realtor in Denver.

So, relying on all those tireless teachings from my mentor, Bob Proctor, I wrote out a goal card that stated I’d be at the closing table on this specific date – just 30 days after the property went up for sale. Further, the buyer would keep my renters in the property long-term. My Realtor got a good chortle out of it; I’d be lucky to get an OFFER in 30 days, let alone get all the way to a closing date in 30 days. (It was April 30th.)

Nevertheless, this was my decision. I began writing the affirmation several times a day in my journal, and I kept that goal card front and center. I also began spending a few minutes throughout the day sitting back and visualizing that closing day, signing all the documents, getting that check in hand. But I think the most important thing I did . . . and I’ve found this to be a consistent “MUST DO” activity . . . .I booked my flight to Denver for a couple days prior to my proposed closing date. (Further chortling from my Realtor, this time in something of an aghast way.)

In about 8 days, my Realtor called, dumbfounded. Even though the Realtor has insisted on advertising to resident owners, an investor had decided to make an offer – the full price I was asking for – contingent only that the renters would stay. He also wanted an accelerated closing date, suggesting it be April 29th.

Needless to say, the sale went through flawlessly.


Back to my clients 2 weeks ago . . .

They thought it was a great idea and said they’d try it. (I have to tell you – in most cases, people will say they’re going to try it, but it’s just too farfetched for them, so they DON’T.)

This is what I received from them in yesterday’s email . . . and as I just re-read it myself, I’ve realized that God/the Universe has thrown in its own chuckle . . . note the date they mention here, and the date my closing occurred a few years ago. (I even went back to my legal documents to check.)

OH, DIANE!! Great story and we owe the outcome to you!!  You know we were putting

our house on the market and you suggested that we schedule the closing in

Outlook, right?  Well, we did that – right when we finished the call with

you we scheduled the closing for 10AM on April 29.


The house went on the market on Thursday (3/17) – our realtor actually laughed out loud

at us when we told her we would close on the 29th – that we were setting the closing

date so aggressively – “Don’t you KNOW how bad the market is?”  SO, Thursday

afternoon another realtor called and asked if she could preview the house

that afternoon.  She liked it so much she asked if she could bring a client

by that evening.  Client loved it, had hubby come right down from DC to see

it.  They came back the next day and that was that.

Then last night our broker called and said her jaw was on the floor, but she had

just received an offer for our asking price and requesting a close date of 4/29!!!


THANK YOU so much for that crucial piece of the puzzle, Diane!  I doubt it

would have happened without us actually having scheduled the close!!  You

should up your rates!!  Your are truly invaluable!!!


I tell you, my dear readers. . . . as Thomas Troward reminds us, “The evidence is everywhere.”



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