On-Site SEO is Part I of the SEO Strategy. It’s everything we do to lock, load and dial in your web site to the search engines. This is the “building of your resort,” complete with hotel rooms, pools and Jeep tours.

By doing on-site SEO, you more easily magnetize your niche audience to you with specific key words and phrases (you know, people looking for an island resort that offers Jeep safaris).

An On-Site SEO proposal to you should include the following:

* Research of your keywords and keyword phrases (what people are searching for to come to you),

* Doing vital work or rework of your meta-tags and meta descriptions on all the primary pages of your site (these are the first phrases Google and other search engines pull to provide descriptive text about you),

* Reworking your page titles and page URLS on the primary pages of your site,

* Writing text adjustments and manipulations in the flag/banner area of your site and – particularly – the main content areas of your primary pages so that these added key words and key phrases coincide with the changes we’re making “behind the scenes.”

VERY IMPORTANT: It’s not just about fixing up your HOME page. EVERY PAGE IN YOUR SITE can cater to different key words and phrases, which gives you that much more leverage and visibility in the search engines. As an example, your Home page might mention words like “personal coaching, life coaching, find life purpose” … while your “Hire Me” page might mention words like “keynote speaker, workshop speaker, life skills speaker.”)

You’ll obviously pay more as you select more pages to be “SEOed.” For most of our clients, we do on-site optimization for about 5-7 pages and charge between $1,200 and $1,500 to do all the work. (It’s less when we build the site from scratch.)

Budgetary-wise, this might seem like a hefty bill to pay. But without it, remember, you might as well be hanging in a black hole out there in the Internet space.

The GOOD NEWS IS . . . once you have your On-Site SEO done, you’re DONE … my team checks it regularly over the first 90 days to make slight tweaks (too many tweaks will hurt you) … and we do a thorough check every 90 days beyond that to ensure your niche audience is still using the same key words.

KEY NOTE: On-site optimization is something that’s done once – don’t ever pay a programming team to continue to do “monthly” on-site SEO.


Do you wonder if your site is properly “SEOed?” I’ll be able to tell in about 20 seconds. Just contact me at Diane@Amrmitageinc.com and send me a link to your web site. I won’t do a sales pitch on you – I’ll just tell you how your site is currently ranking and if the proper SEO has truly been done on your site.