If you’re like most of my clients in the crazy, zany month of October, you’re pulling double duty right about now.

First, there’s the end of year looming. So, ’round about October you commit to making that lung-bursting, legs-burning push through the 4th quarter to end with MORE – more sales, more product, more online visitors, more MONEY.

Then, there’s Next Year. You didn’t think much of Next Year back in May when it was all about mint juleps and lawn mowing, but now it’s October and those headlights of the new year are growing uncomfortably close.

  • What’s your plan?
  • Where’s your growth going to be?
  • What audiences are you expanding to? Who will be your new clients?
  • How will you utilize the Internet to help you grow?
  • Who’s going to write it, package it, tout it and put it out there?


So, in honor of your crazy, zany month, I decided to do something that just might be outright loony on my end …I offer a 1-hour consultation that helps you get clear, build leverage and put the pieces in place to grow exponentially, whatever your plan. We hammer through it all; it’s very fast moving. A ponderously long list of what I cover in these calls is here: http://bit.ly/bWEY7O

Normally it’s $249 for a full hour. But, because I know this is the month where all the great seeds are planted, I’ve dropped it to just $79.

Sign up for your 1-hour $79 consultation here and we’ll schedule your appointment ASAP:


Makes no never mind to me what you’ve got in mind to do. I can help you make it work better, faster and with much greater fanfare. (After all, isn’t that what you deserve?)


Get in on this deal before my sanity returns. http://www.Armitageinc.com

P.S. If you want to meet in person, just contact me at Diane@Armitageinc.com and we’ll figure out slight additional costs. Oh – and yes, you’re welcome to pass this offer on to colleagues and peers.


P.P.S. My book, “Fix Your Lame Web Site” is just about ready for press. Check out my recent blog entry from one of the mini-chapters of the book: http://bit.ly/9oxtYG