There are all kinds of companies with slogans and logos, but there are very few that rise above by creating and marketing their USP – a Unique Selling Proposition.

Your USP is not a feature about your product or service (i.e. Built Tough, Two Mints in One, #1 in Home Sales). Your buyer isn’t really concerned about features or how great you claim to be – your buyer always wants to know what’s in it for HIM. Your USP, then, is all about BENEFIT you provide, not features.

A USP is a short sentence of your greatest benefit or “fix” you provide. Your USP is absolutely VITAL to your business model, your marketing strategy and your leverage and longevity in the whole scheme of things. It’s what will go on every page of your web site, in your meta tags, in your browser bar and on your business cards.

Here are a few pointers:

1. If someone met you in an elevator and asked you “What do you do?” what would that elevator speech be? As you probably know from all your “elevator speech” classes, this needs to be detailed in about 60 seconds.

2. Whatever that elevator speech is, write it down, word for word.

3. Evaluate what you’ve written. Are you talking about you and your greatness? Get rid of it. Are you wrapped in the features of what you provide vs. what the benefit of your service or product provides? Dump your features in favor or words and phrases that speak to the end result your client will receive.

4. Now, reduce what you have remaining to 20-23 words or less! Believe me, you can do this and you’ll be so very pleased with the powerful phrase you create.

5. As your business changes, expands or focuses on something new, you definitely have permission to change your USP or add a new USP for that specific product or service.

Examples of two USPs from my web sites:

Marketing-savvy web sites and advanced e-solutions that capture and convert your qualified prospects.

LIVE access to world-renowned mentors who are answering your questions on how to attract lasting love and improve your relationships.

Examples of working through recent client USPs:



ExpensAble’s family of products  makes expense reporting easy.

My notes in the process: OK, you’ve made it easier but what’s the bottom line GREATEST BENEFIT BECAUSE it’s easier? Well, you save time and money . . . and when you save time, you’re also saving money, right . . . SO . . .

After – 12 easy words.

ExpensAble simplifies and automates your expense reporting process for tremendous cost savings.

Bid for the Cure


Support our fight against breast cancer


My notes in the process: OK, what’s wrong here? . . .

Negative . . .And, it’s just another THING supporting breast cancer. No word about how much fun this thing is.

What are we supporting? How are we supporting? What IS this thing?


After – 19 words:

Bid For the Cure is Toronto’s renowned bachelor auction event with all proceeds supporting the absolute end of breast cancer.

SandHill Finance


Emerging growth financing for technology companies in North America.

My notes during the process: Well, OK, missing some emotional attachment there. :->

And somewhat limiting to North America – I’d rather have them qualify as a tech company looking for financing first because this gives Sandhill options – either they can choose to expand to that person’s needs, or they can set up a joint venture referral system that allows them to send people in other countries to other entities like them for a percentage in commissions – so let’s take out the geographical limitation . . .

When it comes to finance and serious money stuff, you want them to know how long you’ve been around . . .

After – 22 words

Serving the technology industry for 20 years, Sand Hill Finance provides the financial stabilization and acceleration you seek for your entrepreneurial company.

Life the Manual

Before: Peak performance strategies for your life

My notes during the process: No emotional attachment. Just HOW are these peak performance strategies supposed to affect my life?


After – 21 words

We provide phenomenal daily skills, progressive coaching, and eye-opening seminars that easily shift your life into what it’s destined to be.