In one of my entries for my “Guerilla Tactics” free subscription, I was writing about a great new client –  – and many of the initial phases I’ve begun putting in place for their strategic movement forward. While the primary focus is a substantial and leveraged increase in modes of distribution and drop-shop strategies, it’s important to also keep “the main thing” in mind during this expansion – that is, asking (in very sublime ways) the consumers of their water to EASILY get more involved in charitable contributions.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, “I’m not anything close to a non-profit organization,” or “We’re not about charitable giving,” think again – these concepts are about tiny upsell strategies that ANYONE can implement in their online business.

Case in point …

A couple years ago I had a very large online outdoor clothing/gear client come to me, asking for solutions for their “sister” site devoted to a big conservation effort. They were bringing in millions in revenue on the one e-commerce site, but they weren’t getting donations to a very reputable (and so cool) cause on their other site.

So, I suggested the same sort of “upsell toggle” – as consumers on the one site purchased their outdoor clothing and gear, we began suggesting that they optionally donate just $1 to this conservation effort. Because the cause resonated with these millions of customers who seriously love being in the great outdoors, my client increased donations by nearly $7 million in less than a year.

So, how does this work for you? I can see the wheels spinning already . . .

* In your own product or service, what VERY small item can you upsell a client to?

* What one item would resonate with them and be such a small option to check and add a few dollars to the total tab that they’d hardly give it a second thought?

* Or, consider taking that “high resonation” product or service and let your consumer decide just what he or she would like to contribute before the final checkout.

With today’s shop cart software, the programming process for this takes less than 5 minutes. But just imagine what can be reaped from the “tiny upsell” idea in action!

For my large web site client, it created MILLIONS for a specific conservation effort.

For it can (and will!) mean a substantial increase in donations to dozens, even hundreds of charitable organizations around the planet!

What can it do for you?


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