If you’re a subscriber in my “Rise Above the Internet Din” weekly subscription, you know I’ve been reviewing a couple restaurant web sites. These are high-end, long-standing, highly regarded restaurants in Las Vegas, and the chef and business people behind these restaurants are true class acts. I loved talking to these people.

Why, then, can’t they get prospects to STAY on their web sites and engage?

Well, the first of the two reasons I listed in my weekly subscription is a similar issue I see in lots of web sites all around the word:  Too many navigation buttons without enough content beneath them. Granted if you have solid content with entirely different key words and phrases, you deserve those buttons. If you’re just slapping up a short paragraph or a single line of text, you’re doing yourself a disservice in the search engines. You can learn more about this in the weekly entry . . .

Here, I want to address the next biggest issue that keeps these amazing Las Vegas restaurants in a place that’s just not at all deserving of who they really are:

2. Get your most unique content front and center!

How many restaurants are in Las Vegas? About a billion. How many offer all sorts of different dining room “experiences,” panoramic views, and 12,000 bottle wine cellars? Maybe, ehrm, counting on my fingers here . . .  2. How many of those 2 offer their renowned chef in special workshops, wine tasting/food pairing events, and cooking class events? Probably TWO . . . the two restaurants I was reviewing this week.

These 2 restaurants really have a lot of great stuff going on, but their greatest, most unique selling propositions were buried deep inside the content of the site. Take a look at your site and see if you’re guilty of doing the same (it’s easy to do, believe me).

Get that great content up on the home page, front and center, with easy, BIG links to details, photos, videos and registration pages for your next great events/workshops/author signings, whatever.

In the case of the 2 restaurants I talked with . . . . this is an easy fix. Their content is already there, and it’s profuse! It’s just a matter of re-organizing the content so that your prospect has a super easy time navigating – and getting pulled in – to all the greatness of you.

 Go on . . . ask away.

It’s OK to ask me questions about this, you know. This is not a one-way lecture street. Contact me any time at Diane@Armitageinc.com


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