A growing property rental management company in Breckenridge is looking to even further their marketshare percentage this year. So, Armitage, Inc. has just begun working on a 10-piece mailing campaign (real postcards!), each piece of which focuses on a Unique Selling Proposition this company offers. Remember, just because it seems like everyone else in your industry does exactly what you do, they … just … don’t. And, even if they were to mirror your marketing and actions completely, only one of you gets the chance to talk about it FIRST.

First wins the war. First beats everyone to the drinking fountain. First gets the little gold man on the top of the trophy.

After sitting down with their team to work through their USPs, we went to work, writing teaser headlines to each topic and imbedding (very important) client endorsement quips on the front of each card. The back side of the card offers 100-150 words that details the teaser. Easy as that.

Plans are to mail once every 6 weeks to homeowners who just might be considering a new and trusted source of income. Details on the success of the campaign when it wraps in December!