Even with all the addiction to “socializing” out there, consistent e-mail marketing is still the most productive means of converting existing readers to buyers, and generating new leads of interest.

Statistics from the National DMA tell us that, even with the increased focus on social business, e-mail marketing is increasing in importance in organizations, and 89% of all organizations interviewed have built in more comprehensive e-mail marketing strategies for 2014.

Of course, the primary key to email marketing success is to DO IT and DO IT CONSISTENTLY. Most business owners I know don’t even get this far, and they’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to grow their business quickly.

If you’re engaging in email marketing on a fairly regular basis, you’re well ahead of the curve. Remember this, though: It’s all well and good to send out consistent emails. Making them Strategic and Relevant, however, makes them ever so much more successful! At Armitage, Inc., when we create and implement comprehensive e-mail marketing plans for our clients, we follow our own 15 Rules of Email Marketing Success. They are:

  • MAKE IT PERSONAL:   Make your email FROM someone, not an “info” or “news” or “Our Company”
  • GREAT SUBJECT LINE:  Spend serious time creating an attention-making e-mail subject line and be sure to test it against SPAM subject lines before sending.
  • BRAND IDENTITY:   Your flag/banner needs to clearly demarcate your company brand.

Andre's Restaurant Las Vegas

  • COLOR PHOTOS or ART:   Use sharp, engaging photo pieces that are relevant to each content piece.
  • CONCISE & SHORT:  Don’t throw long. Limit each entry to a few sentences.
  • EMPLOY A-I-D-A:  Even if you’re writing a headline and 2 sentences, it’s all about Getting Their Attention with the headline, Engaging Interest with your first sentence, Creating Desire (your Value Proposition) to learn more or engage, and leaving them with an Obvious Call To Action.
  • DRIVE THEM SOMEWHERE:  Email marketing success is all about encouraging more action and interaction. Give readers that option with killer click through links in every content well to drive traffic to website, blog, or social media platforms.

Click on this postcard portion to read the A-I-D-A:

A-I-D-A example

  • BE SOCIAL: Include all relevant social media icons at the top or bottom or both. (We often do the icon on top and a text hyperlink on bottom to suit different kinds of readers).
  • ALWAYS SHARE: Always give your readers the opportunity to easily share your email with friends.
  • P.S.  Always do a short, second reminder call to action.
  • TELL THEM HOW THEY GOT HERE: At the bottom of every email, assure your readers that they are receiving this email because of actions they took by signing up, purchasing or asking for more information from you.
  • GIVE THEM AN EASY OUT:  If they want to unsubscribe, let them. Provide an unsubscribe text link at the bottom of every e-mail.
  • SPELL CHECK. Enough said.
  • CHECK TEXT-ONLY VERSION: Some subscribers have chosen to receive text emails instead of colorful HTML postcards. Be sure to check the text-only version, as some links often go haywire in the translation.
  • SEND YOURSELF A TEST:  Always send yourself a test and read it, from subject line to the last line of content, testing each link imbedded, and double-checking grammar and spelling.


Always happy to look over your shoulder …

If you wonder where your email marketing scores with these 15 Rules of Email Marketing Success, WARN ME FIRST with an email directly to me, and THEN add my name to your email marketing list. When your next email deposits itself, I’ll send you some quick pointers. My email is Diane@Armitageinc.com

Happier still to do this for you …

Armitage, Inc. helps many clients every year gain fast traction and joyful engagement with their clients through consistent email marketing. We design the email piece, upload your databases, write all your content and even find relevant photos. And, we’re affordable.

You should never be too busy to engage in consistent email marketing. This is your company’s life’s blood. There is simply no excuse. Call me on my direct line, (949) 637-1995 or email me at Diane@Armitageinc.com to discuss the potential for you.