It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a business five minutes or 50 years … how you tell your story is everything.

Over our 20 years at Armitage, Inc., we’ve focused first and foremost on our client’s brand. A brand isn’t just about a logo. It’s not about a tagline or a catchy slogan. (In fact, your logo and taglines are the LAST items we devise in a branding exercise.)

We’re all about branding your story. What makes you unique? What sets you apart? What do you assume people know that they might know … or, in many cases, they might be entirely clueless to?

What are your products (and we’re not just talking stuff you send in a box or a padded envelope). What defines YOU? What is so unique about you that it defines your staying power for decades of success?

In the Armitage Brand Identity Exercise, we help you define yourself in a 4-part process. In the end, branding your story creates clarity and consigned agreement in your ranks. Yes, it does create the Brand Identity Guide, Brand Identity Logos & Usage Guide, and Brand Style Guide. But, in the end, it parlays your story – concisely and passionately – to the world.

This process energizes new startups with direction, and re-energizes longstanding conglomerates with a company-wide compass point that steers its way into every action moving forward.

If you sense that your message has gotten stale, or that it’s just not finding a way to rise above the immense noise and competition, it’s time for this.

Isn’t it time to start branding your story?

Enjoy our Armitage 20th Year Anniversary celebration with a 20% savings on our Brand Identity process. Contact us for direct discussion with Diane Armitage.