Hire Diane Armitage as Your Short-Term Consultant at Roll-Back 20th Year Anniversary Pricing

We get it. You know your business isn’t running at optimal levels, but you’re not really sure where to look. Is it your sales scripts? Is it your website? Is it your time-consuming social media that doesn’t seem to be growing anywhere? Who knows? It could be your table tents or the way the frontline answers incoming phone calls.

You know something is wrong with the “car” but you’re not really sure what to look for under the hood.

That’s why you have us – your Armitage mechanics. We do initial diagnostics just like the auto guys do. In two 1-hour consulting sessions, we can draw an amazingly accurate bead on what your highest priority needs are to correct your business to its optimal levels.

Back in the day when Diane Armitage first started these 2-hour Consulting Sessions, she charged $250 for each hour, with a wealth of back-and-forth emails, additional investigation and a recommendations paper in the end. Today, the same 2-hour session is billed at $2,500. (Well, think about it. One implemented idea averages a minimal $15,000 win for each client, so the $1,500 could actually be considered nominal where ROI is concerned.)

In celebration of our 20th Year Anniversary, though, we’re rolling back the consulting session price ($500 total) from now through the end of 2015.

Simply sign up for the 2-hour Consulting Session, and you’ll be on the phone or Skype with Diane Armitage.