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When I was first wrapping my head around the creating of … saying of … and repeated writing of affirmations, one of my clients (who happens to be an expert in this kind of thing) offered me a valuable hint: You’ve got to live the WHOLE vision of what that affirmation represents. In other words, for true affirmation success, it’s vital that you picture  THE STEPS TO as well as THE END RESULT to see it actually become reality.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard this all before, but allow me to give you a couple examples that might help you change your angle. See, all the saying and writing of affirmations repeatedly every day … it’s all great. It’s a necessary part of the process. But you’re not going to see the eventuality of this result in your life until you begin to feel and experience its result right NOW through each of your senses.


Envisioning THE STEPS TO the happy result

I have a fantastic restaurant client in Las Vegas. I’ve written about the behind-the-scenes uniqueness of these folks before and I have immense respect for them. The last time I was in town, Joe (my client and the Director of Operations) and I were talking about his goals and his team’s goals at each of the restaurants.

Each of my client’s restaurants has a team “goal” for the number of patrons they prefer to serve in their dining rooms each evening. He shared these numbers with me so that I could be a part of the visioning process as well.

Each morning, before I get out of bed, I picture the goal number of patrons in Andre’s Restaurant, and I do the same for Alizé. But this isn’t just about seeing 100 or so people sitting in a dining room …

    • This is about HEARING the phone ringing off the hook for reservations.
    • It’s about SEEING our on-line reservation system book for each evening with a party of 4, a party of 8, a party of 2, another party of 8, a party of 12, a Cigar Lounge cocktails and cognac flight reservation for 16 …
    • It’s about SEEING the General Manager standing at his podium in either restaurant and HEARING him greet each and every guest as he walks these parties to their tables. I’ll spend just a couple minutes here watching him seat a party of 2, then watching him walk back to the podium to greet and seat a party of 6 … then watching him return again to the podium to greet and  seat a party of 10 … this is all about seeing the dining room fill with this constant flow of activity.
    • It’s about HEARING and SEEING the incoming Entrée and Tasting menu orders print up in the kitchen and seeing the many talented chefs roll into happy motion with a busy night ahead. I picture their faces at their stations as they work on their specialties through the evening.
    • It’s about SEEING the smiles on the faces of the servers, the chefs and kitchen staff as they read Joe’s sign – “Leave every guest with an impression of increase” every single time they walk from the kitchen to the dining room.
    • It’s about FEELING the buzz in the restaurants and Cigar Lounge with happy diners conversing and laughing.

You see what I mean?
It’s all well and good to picture the end result,
but you ALSO want to envision every detail of the process.


While it is only 2-3 minutes of watching that “movie” play in your head each morning, you will find that you’re actually feeling excited and pleased as one detail after another falls into place. (And I tell you, it re-enthuses me as their marketing person to scramble up and start doing what I can do on my end to help make this happen.)

Then, there’s the other important factor for affirmation success:


The END RESULT – Write that last chapter now

One of Joe’s personal goals involves the writing and completion of a book on the process of propelling these two restaurants to the sustained success he envisions for them. He told me that he’s completed most of the book, but hasn’t written the final chapter because he’s not sure how it’s all going to end.

I suggested he immediately set to writing that last chapter NOW, as if it’s already happened, as if the result has already been achieved. He began writing the last chapter the very next day.

In so doing, I’m willing to bet that he’s getting more emotionally involved in seeing and experiencing that result. And, when you act (or write) AS IF it has already occurred … not just in a single sentence affirmation, but in a detailed, colorful account of its every aspect of success, that goal has no choice but to begin to shape itself into the reality you require.


Don’t believe me?

I dare you to let go of your skepticism. Commit to following these steps every day for just 23 days. Then tell me what happened in your life.