Lately, I’ve had a lot of web site owners coming to me with (surprise) worries and fears and flat-out complaints about the changing scenery out there. In many cases, they built a site for a specific audience or industry and now that whole “specific” is changing up, right before their eyes.

Rather than spending valuable time complaining or worrying about the diminishing returns, let’s focus on the opportunity presented here. Remember, in many cases, the changes happening now are simply about inevitable advances and progress. Because we humans are innately hard-wired for expansion and growth, there’s always going to be someone out there who finds a solution to doing it faster and more efficiently (and, well, sometimes less expensively).

Point #1:

If you want to stay on that cutting edge, you have to be more flexible to progress. As an example, I was a well-established marketing writer who did printed sales letters, postcards, newspaper ads and brochures. When the Internet poked its head into my awareness in the late 90s, I knew I had to jump on the Internet and find a way to deliver my writing there. Same skills, tweaked and applied to a changing delivery mechanism.

As the Great Gretzky said, “Don’t go where the puck is. Skate to where the puck is going.” As it applies to your web site, where is the industry GOING? Go right now and get in front of it (or at least aim in that direction and speed up). As an example, my team and I are working with a woman who provides all the test prep and continuing ed material for a specific industry. The demand for these specifically trained people, however, is changing – the industry now wants people with a wider variety of skills that can be applied to more departments or factions in conjunction with the industry. So . . . I suggested she find the test prep and continuing ed required for THESE new opportunities and provide these materials to her existing audience members so that they, too, can expand their skills and continue to thrive in a progressing market.

Does this cost gazillions of dollars to implement on her site? No. The materials are already out there. She merely has to add them to her site. When you meet Progress and shake her hand, you’ll discover an interesting thing: As your audience comes to you with worries, fears and flat-out complaints, you have new answers and expanded solutions for them. And, as universal law plays out, you’ll find that your income expands with the expanded services you provide.

Point #2:

Your web site’s other opportunity in this sort of change is to niche DOWN even further and really hone in on what it is you specialize in. Commit to a purist’s approach. Then, continue to provide the tips, advice and materials your “purists” need to stay on top of the game in this niche industry. As you niche down, make a list of supportive or cooperative industries you can go to who are involved in this same niche of “purists.”

As an example, let’s take the woman who provides the test prep materials to specific industry professionals. I suggested, as one example, that she create a direct line to job opportunities with the entities who hire these professionals. While she’s offering greater opportunity to her niche audience with advertised employment, she’s also working directly with the industry to provide the most qualified professionals. Why wouldn’t they want to be linked to her site?

Does this cost another gazillion dollars to implement on her site? No. The cooperative industries are already out there. She merely has to connect to them. There’s a solution to every web site in any industry. If you’d like help creating solutions for your own audience, consider a consulting package with us.