A few years ago, two of my favorite people in the world – Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey – got together to record an audio program that is one of TWO of my most favorite audio programs of all time. Together, they methodically explored Raymond Holliwell’s great book, Working With the Law. Most people think this book is about law enforcement, which always makes me smile. This great book is a systematic review of the powerful, unchanging Laws of the Universe, and how we can consciously come into harmony with these laws (i.e. Law of Vibration, law of Supply, Law of Non-Resistance) to create effortless flow in our lives.

Thanks to Bob and Mary getting involved in further explaining this  book, this awesome audio program has probably helped me create more change in my life than any other book or product I’ve collected along the way. (Alas, I have searched for it on both of their websites and am not having luck finding it. I would suggest you call Bob’s office, (800) 871-9715, if you’re interested in tracking it down.)

This week, I randomly turned to the accompanying transcript of the entire series, and landed on the 4th chapter, Law of Attraction.Those of us who have been through The Secret with Bob know a LOT about the Law of Attraction, but I love the way these two masters worked with Raymond’s original review of this specific Law of Vibration.

I’m going to pull a few comments directly from their conversation here. You may have also heard Bob refer to a radio station’s “frequency,” but their discussion here gave me a new perspective that I’ll share in just a minute . . . .

Bob notes: The Law of Attraction is actually The Law of Vibration. There are millions of levels of vibration, millions of frequencies. When we desire something, we put ourselves on the frequency that that good is on. It’s like a radio – you turn on your radio station, you get the music or the talk that’s on that frequency. In fact, you do the work of dialing into that frequency because you have an expectation of what you will hear there. 

Mary: When we use the radio metaphor, we do expect that, when we turn from one channel to another, a dramatic shift in the programming or experience is going to occur. If we can just keep that metaphor in mind, we can stabilize the frequency of our desired good in our feeling state (expectation) as much as our mental state. When we do so, we become much more attractive to that desired good, and time collapses. It doesn’t take a long time when we stabilize the frequency.

So, here are my thoughts on this subject:

When I hold a thought of desired good, I’ve tuned my internal “radio” to a frequency of expectation, and that desired good sets up an attractive force that rings out loud and clear.

When I allow my thoughts to stray to doubts or worries or fears, it’s much like driving along, enjoying a strong radio frequency, and then driving under a bridge or away from the signal. What happens? Fuzz. The radio station you had been enjoying might blip in and out but it is, for the most part, blurred with static.

For me this week, I decided to pay more attention to the fuzz and static coming up. I think, sometimes, our minds so easily go to worries, doubts and fears that we might not even notice we’re thinking those thoughts. For me, noticing the RESULT is actually easier – suddenly, I’m aware that “static” has inserted itself between me and the thought form of my desired good.

As soon as I noticed, I pictured actually “dialing myself back” to that frequency. As Mary noted a bit further in the same audio chapter, when we dial ourselves back in, we’re not creating anything new – we’re simply getting in harmony with the Law that’s already in operation. It’s not like the radio station goes away. It’s always there, always on the same frequency. It’s up to US to dial back into that frequency.

By consciously noticing the “fuzz” and honing back in on the frequency, more changed for me this week … more happened in the direction of the desire I’m holding in my mind … than has yet happened in several weeks’ time.

As a last reminder, it’s not important that we worry about where or how we got off track with our thinking. The key is to dial back in, and get back on track as quickly as possible.

Have you noticed what frequency YOU’RE on?