A few weeks ago, we took our client – LagunaCoffeeCo.com – live with a brand new site.

If you’ll remember, this was their “BEFORE” picture:

Laguna Coffee website - before image - website tips

And this is what their new Armitage-inspired site looks like now:

Laguna Coffee - "AFTER" shot - new site by Armitage Inc

It’s vital to imbed initial marketing strategies for web sites, even before you think of marketing outside of the site. At Armitage, Inc., we build three core structures into every site. First, it is absolutely vital to understand that your website is the foundational piece for higher visibility and initial ranking in the Search Engine Optimization front … that its blog is vital for formal e-mail marketing … AND that it is the launching board for all your relevant, strategic social media efforts.

Here’s an inside page look, which applies to the bullets addressed below:

Inside page - Laguna Coffee Co - Laguna Beach

Even before we begin to think about marketing AFTER the site is built, we created Relevant Strategy on the site itself with many interactive pieces:

1.  A dramatic start in Search Engine Optimization. All SEO On-Page is done, meaning that every page of the site will index with the search engines (Yahoo, Google). Most programming teams will SEO the home page only.
2.  We added a Blog – the highest leverage you can ever achieve in social media – and wrote several initial posts.
3.  Facebook widget displaying a collage of faces encourages massive LIKES
4.  Instant Facebook interaction by readers. See the small “LIKE” thumbs up at the bottom of each page? Click it and it registers as a like on your FB page in behalf of Laguna Coffee. On the inside, it recommends that you “like” certain blog entries. When you “like” those, it registers again in FB with an auto link to the site.
5. Instagram for photo galleries the entire world sees. Rather than a static photo gallery, we created an Instagram account for the client and uploaded many photos there. Within minutes, people all over the world were weighing in with “likes” of various photos, which helps push the web site up in rankings.
6. Review Us! We imbedded on an-site review option that allows readers to rate the coffee shop. The review, then, posts to the top of the Reviews page in seconds.
7. E-Mail sign up. And, of course, there’s the ever-present E-Mail invitation to become part of a special community.

NOW we’re ready to begin Relevant Marketing Strategies that drive traffic TO the site. When I say “relevant” I mean “stopping all disconnected marketing efforts and creating an easy, strategic approach of messaging that matters to your readers and converts them to loyal buyers.” More on that next week!

P.S. Is your website marketing for you?

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