My advice to a client this morning during our business coaching call: Optimization

What’s the one thing in your business that’s actually working pretty well for you? It might be in your prospecting mode, your conversion mode, or something you’re doing for your clients that’s cultivating your long-term relationship . . . .

Now, what one idea can you put in place today to optimize that one thing so that it works at an even higher and better level for you tomorrow?

Don’t just read this and move on. Think on this seriously. Optimization is THE key to your ever-increasing success.

Stop wasting time on improving your weaknesses, and drag that spotlight away from what’s NOT going right in your operations – this type of activity will get you nowhere. Focus every day, instead, on what’s working. Then, figure out how you can tweak THAT aspect of what’s working to make it that much smoother, easier and flowing.