Google Calendar and System for New Coaching Clients

Everyone has their system for bringing coaching clients in. The problem I’ve seen with Angie or Kathleen Cameron (bigger than Angie with Bob Proctor consulting) is that they start and stop classes. So, they wind up fr a big pitch though a mini seminar in FB group, and then they try to cherry pick most interested parties over to their $10k program that starts all at the same time, ends at the same time.

I find this limiting. And I don’t want to be a person who coaches people one on one. . . . I want numbers, man! And I don’t want to put myself in that liability place where they blame me for not changing their lives.

I LOVE what does. I chose TWO programs – Lead the Field and Principles of Prosperity because they’re evergreen – anyone can drop into the program at any time. So, for instance, – he does about two sessions a week on vocabulary for the real estate test. He might do this chapter or that chapter, and if you’re studying that chapter, you can tune in. If you’re not yet to the chapter he’s talking about, you can still tune in and try to figure out what he’s taking about, but you can also wait till the next week when he’s teaching from a chapter you’re studying.

This way, I have a constant rotation in and rotation out. We’re not starting and stopping. I set up Bob’s third rendition of coaching program like this, too, and it finally worked.

FIRST IMPORTANT QUESTION BECAUSE I VALUE YOUR BRAIN – Where can this fail? My goal is to have at least 20 clients a month in EACH program – these are only $3k packages, not like $10k coaching that Angie sells . . so where am I not thinking smart enough or big enough?

From my limited perspective, this is where I think I need your help setting this whole thing up:

They sign up and immediately get a prompt to set up a call or zoom with me for talking through their goal. 30 minutes

I also want them to be able to download Principles in UNITS on the Principles GROUP page . . . unless you think it’s wiser to keep both programs consolidated in Armitage Collective Group page . . . .
PGI sends out its own lesson-by-lesson PDF (what Patti and I worked on together back in 2000!)

Then, PGI starts spooling the actual learning material from their side.
LTF drops a new lesson every 10 days.
Principles drops a lesson every 3 days. I want to provide a Google Calendar that they can all click (as members only) to register for a zoom class or youtube or whatever. The key is to have me come on, talk a few minutes about the lesson, then have them interact and ask questions. (If it gets to be big, we can take it to chat questions only or something).

ONCE A MONTH Q&A SESSIONS – Once monthly, I want to give them the ability to ask questions in advance of a zoom (or whatever we choose) call and have those sent to my email. Then, the Q and A is basically me on video with a moderator asking the questions. So, if we hide all their videos and they just listen in – is that cool on Zoom or should we do it in something else? I know Bob’s team uses WebinarJam.

When I FIRST launch Lead the Field and Principles, it would be great to launch like Angie is doing with a mini-seminar to get a group of people in at one time so I’ve got fodder for the ongoing lessons. But, from there, people can just join at will.

So, let’s talk FB pages . . .

I think we decided yesterday that Armitage Collective is a private group page of everyone hooting and hollering and me dropping in various . . . but we want the UNITS and PAID PEOPLE for LTF or Principles on their own private group pages, correct?

Can you quickly help me set up:

Bob Proctor Principles of Prosperity with (or by) Diane Armitage  – will all those letters fit???
add to existing Bob Proctor Lead the Field with (or by) Diane Armitage


I’ve had a couple brought up recently that I’d love to have your research on. One is the DRIP campaign thing that Angie uses. My Prime Minds guys are using something called Active Campaigns.

I don’t want to create a bunch of complicated groups.
ONE DRIP campaign for Prospects.
ONE DRIP campaign for people participating in a paid program, which starts with that prompt to go to my Calendly to schedule a call. SO, once they pay for a program, please tell me there’s some way to move them to the “client” group that doesn’t require a manual process!


Think that’s all for my brain drain for the time being!


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June 30, 2020

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