self-publish a book - Armitage Inc.

These days, it seems that it’s easy to publish a book, especially by yourself. The Internet makes it look easy and, of course, you get to KEEP most of the income you make instead of allowing a publisher to keep the vast portion of each book’s sale.

Problem is, putting a book together – a real book, either printed multiple times or an e-book for smart tablets – involves a lot more details than you would think.

For the last many years, Armitage, Inc. has handled all those details with a number of authors. Some people come to us with their first book in hand … they’re good and ready to publish a book! Others have produced a number of books already (even through publishers) and are ready to create their own brand identity that entails more self-published books and more of an “enterprise” moving forward.

We’re that middle guy that helps you publish a book from its current, unpublished form all the way through the initial announcement campaigns and strategies. In fact, we just tossed ourselves through the entire process again with the successful publishing of my own printed travel guide, Laguna Beach’s Best.

What we do for our  authors can be any (or all) of the following …

  • Final edits of the book
  • Page layouts and cover designs
  • Writing of author bios and back cover marketing copy
  • Acquiring ISBN numbers so the book can be sold in retail and online
  • Gathering print bids and doing the press checks through the printing process
  • Creating the e-books on specific softwares for Kindle and IPads
  • Developing your “brand” and logo that doesn’t just focus on one book but an ENTERPRISE you’re creating.
  • Creating and writing the author’s entire website, and attaching a shopping cart, too (If you have a website, we review it and make adjustments per leading industry standard)
  • Designing and writing the “sell” pieces for the author’s website
  • Setting up the e-mail campaign software and designing the postcard templates to announce the book’s arrival
  • Writing press releases and sending them to a vast number of editors, columnists and writers in the media
  • Initial  set up of the book for online sales
  • And, of course, we provide ready (and calming) strategy and advice all along the way to polish the book, get it “printed” (in some fashion), and create the marketing foundational pieces for its sale.

We even work with a few great entities who will continue to market the book or create campaigns to make it a best-seller on Amazon.

At Armitage, Inc., we’re not a “book churning publisher” who tries to take on hundreds of authors a year. We choose our authors carefully as we know we’re developing a “partnership” with people who truly deserve to be seen out there.

For organizations or single authors interested in moving forward, just contact me direct – – and we’ll set up a time to talk.