Weeks after the hugely successful concierge party at Skyloft, its older sister – Mozambique Steakhouse – did the same. This time, Armitage, Inc., decided to focus on our newest “jewel,” the Durban Room, Laguna Beach’s first speakeasy. Now, granted, we have some big plans for The Durban Room and its true speakeasy following (already underway as we speak), but we thought it was important to have all the area concierge see the great Durban Room in its already-cool presence at a Speakeasy Concierge Party BEFORE we really start moving down the speakeasy path.

This time, we opted for both oversized printed postcards and e-mail invites to reach out to a larger audience. We pulled in the great Addie Hamilton to croon away as concierge enjoyed drinks and tray-passed features. Another happy evening and successful event.