This morning in my mastermind group, we talked about calendaring new teleseminars, webinars and group class startups. And, though I’m all for rolling your little company forward at ALL times of the year (Never Give Up! Never Surrender!), I WILL say that, after almost 30 years in the marketing business, there are particular times of the year that commonly create slumps in marketing and sales activity results. Of course, this varies across industry, too, but I’m primarily addressing online marketing efforts and classes.

If you’re in that time of year right now, and no one seems to be showing you the love, here’s your opportunity to feel a lot better about yourself.

Typically, the WORST sales season hops and scotches across the calendar year:

  • The first two weeks of June
  • The second week of August to about Sept. 8th
  • December 14th – December 25th

And the BEST times of the year to sell? That’s my marketing secret I only share with clients. :->

Does this mean you just stop completely?Nope. There’s always someone buying out there at any time of the year – I’m just saying your efforts to sell at these given times might not be as happily realized as in other times of the year.

So, while you’re still in communication and doing what you do on a weekly basis with your prospects and clients, here’s what I recommend you do in these “slow times” …

Given that our Armitage, Inc., market is largely made up of Americans and Europeans, we tend to do primary planning, project calendaring, building, writing, and programming in July and August. We want to hit the ground running for that second week of September (which, by the way is ONE of the strongest sale weeks of the year, but I’m still not giving away the biggest week) . . . and we want ALL our ducks in a row for pre-holiday and immediate post-holiday sales and sign-ups.

Once the autumn months start rolling, you’ll likely agree with me that time speeds up. You want to have everything already in place and ready to launch, even if it’s not launching until Jan. 6th (which, by the way, is ALSO one of the strongest sales weeks of the year, but I’m still not giving away the biggest week.)

The worst thing you can do is take two weeks in January to “figure out your thoughts and plan for the year ahead.”

That’s not leverage. Start your 4th quarter work for the current year, AS WELL AS your 1st quarter of the following year in July, and if you’re reading this at the end of the year, mark your calendar now! Contact me at any time with quick questions at Or, if you need help with the PLAN for your BUSINESS (at ANY time of the year), check out our short-term consulting programs here.